Back to Morocco

We could not have chosen a worse time for this last visit, as many Christian workers were being ‘invited to go home’. Even 2 of our orphanages were closed down after 60-70 years. The foreign workers were sent home, and the local children were scattered to Muslim homes. But God is always in charge. He does not change; and He is working out His plans.

We visited a friend whose husband had left. She was trying to pack up all the books, clothes etc. 3 national believing couples offered their homes for house groups. A lot of questions are being asked of them.

A new pastor is starting a ‘Tuesday Church’ in English for ex-patriates (we had one going for 130 years, but new workers preferred to meet separately. This pastor told us that there are 3 national fellowships meeting in this town where I worked for many years.

We spent our time fellowshipping with the 4 national fellowships of our old friends and their families. One day there was a confusion about the time we were coming. So they went ahead on their own and celebrated the Lord’s Supper, quoting Bible verses from memory.

Finally I would like you to pray for ‘John’. I taught him in Sunday school. He is a local and fine pastor. He is encouraging a couple of workers from the West. If they were ’invited to go home’ they cannot afford to pay the rent there and here. But God knows what He is doing. Jesus said ‘I will build My church’, and He is.

- Noufisa



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