21 = 250 = 25 million!

Twenty one years – two hundred and fifty containers – twenty five million books and Bibles!


BOOK AID has reached the incredible age of 21 and we have been reflecting on some of the changes that have taken place in those years. Gone are the days when it would take up to 20 strong loaders several hours to fill a 20-foot container with books and Bibles. Now three people can load one in not much more than an hour using our wonderful fork-lift. Gone also are the days when we had to manhandle boxes from one area to another – taking a toll on strength and back power – pallet lifts now take the strain. From a team of two full-time staff we now have ten, plus many volunteers at our main centres. From one of us charging around the country to pick up donation of books we now have a great network of Collectors from Shetland Isles down to the Channel Islands. From shipping two containers a year we now aim to ship at least ten and many times it has been more than that. And, of course, we now have four bookshops instead of one.

Overseas things have changed too. Some of the areas which were in great need have improved and we have been able to move on to other places where the need is even greater. One thing which hasn’t changed is that there are still millions of people who are longing to have a Bible of their own and Christian books to help them.


It is always a joy to send books to those who need them particularly when the requests come from troubled nations. Imagine our excitement when we received a request for books from a group in Sudan who were opening a Christian Bookshop in the town of Yei on the southern borders. Book Aid was able to make stock available from Scripture Union in Uganda who had recently received a container. But how to get them to Sudan? Mission Aviation Fellowship came to the rescue, put them on one of their planes and delivered them to Yei where the books are now being enjoyed by Sudanese Christians. Uganda was one of the first countries that we were able to support, 21 years ago, with shipments of second-hand books and Bibles. It gives us great joy to know that together we have been able to support this new venture in Sudan – Praise the Lord!


If you would like to donate any books or Bibles please see Pete Adams.


(Taken from Book Aid Update no. 29)



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