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The Parks Day at Bushy Park took place on Friday 7th August. It was great for Carley to be involved in this community event for a second time running. That day we were first of all blessed with very good weather -  the days prior and that morning it was cold and wet, but that afternoon the sun shone bright! And this year also we were in a really good location - right next to the stage! We had a sand pit as our main attraction to which many children were drawn to. We had many opportunites to get to know the children and talk to the parents. We also ran a competition to guess how many sweets were in a jar and guess how many chocolates were in a jar. The one who guessed the nearest then won the entire jar! The boy who won the jar of sweets was only 3 away from the exact figure!

At our table we had flyers for our kids and youth clubs, the Carley magazine and also pens with Carley's details on it.

Apart from playing in the sand pit with the children, we had decided to open the Lounge that evening after the Parks Day. At the park we handed out flyers for a free drink and cake to invite people to come. That evening we had new people come to the Lounge and they were interested in what we do and who we are.

The day involved a significant amount of interacting with the community and actively building relationships, but overall it was an enjoyable way of sharing Christ's love.

Grace Mistry.



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