Church Heating :

 The deaconate and church members have agreed to have a new a heating system installed in the main church hall. The new heating system comprises of heat pump technology.

A heat pump is an electrical device that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. The heat pump transfers heat by circulating a refrigerant through a cycle of alternating evaporation and condensation. This system is cost effective and environmentally friendly, producing 5.45KW of heating energy per 1KW of electricity, compared to standard electric, gas and oil heating systems only producing 0.9KW.

With this new system we hope Carley will be much warmer this coming winter as well as save money on fuel bills and maintenance in the long-run.

The cost of this heating system will be £24,500.


The Lounge (Carley Centre):

 The Lounge is the room used by the young people and as a base for outreach. But the plastic windows are in a poor state and the overall appearance an eye-sore. Therefore the doors, soffit and fascia boards will all be replaced, and the windows will be replaced with safety glass. This will cost about £3,000.



Three months can seem a long long time...


It was during the early years of the 1970’s when our then pastor – E Vernon Salkeld asked me to help out with the music for Sunshine Hour just for three months..! At that time we were meeting in the ‘hut’ on the car park, and had on average 20 – 25 children every Tuesday. As part of the ‘job’ we walked around the estate collecting children, and walking them back to Carley for a 6.30 start. The format was much the same as it is today.

As the time for Vernon came to move on, he felt I should take his place. I remember about that time, I had a strange dream that lead me to believe that I should commit more fully to the Sunshine Hour ministry. That settled, I tackled Tuesday Evenings! There have been many changes over the years. In the 70’s, St Matthews was a very transient estate. We didn’t know from one week to another which children would be attending, or even still living on the estate, making it essential that we preach the gospel faithfully each week, a fact that I have tried to maintain in my  years since. At that time we felt that the choruses, the story and the quiz time should contain the Gospel. Changes in personnel have also been a factor. I remember Barbara Dixon, faithfully coming week by week, and her way with the children, as she would sit on the church step just talking to a child that had something to share. Other names that I have been privileged to have had the honour of calling colleagues – co workers come to mind (in no particular order), David Chapman, Ted Carvell, Rob Briars, David Salkeld just to name a few.

We soon moved our meeting in to the back room, and then into the side classroom, which we personalised!

There have been weeks when only two leaders have been present, (long before the ‘rules & regulations’ that we now have to abide by). I remember one particular Tuesday, I had ‘snaked’ the children across the estate, and we were running a little late, only to be met on the corner by a lady who wanted to know more! I explained I was about to start a meeting, and my only colleague that evening (David Salkeld) was inside waiting to start the singing. This lady insisted on wanting to talk, so I ‘deposited the children in David’s care, and proceeded to ‘debate’ with this lady – for nearly the length of the meeting. She tried to put up so many barriers to coming to church, but eventually agreed to come the following Sunday – with her children providing I met her at the door! This I agreed to, but told her I was unable to sit with her as I had Sunday school duties, but I would ensure my wife sat with her. (I have deliberately left her name out – but she knows who it is….)

Over the years there must have been several hundred children pass through ‘Sunshine Hour’, (which with an American brother’s influence became SonShine Hour), some may have only attended once, some have been regular. I have had the privilege of seeing some of the children’s children come along too. Only heaven will tell if their head knowledge has been transformed to heart knowledge, but I’m looking forward to seeing many of them.

We’re now back in the back room. We moved out for renovation work, and we’ve stayed put! Another name change to ‘Jets’ happened in the last year. Sad to say our numbers are not as high as the 1970’s, but we do have some quality.

It was last September that I felt the time had come to retire and make way for younger people to take over. I prayed and thought this through, and felt that I needed to set a date for this to take effect, and it was announced at the AGM that I would stand down at the end of this term – last meeting July 7th. Since making it final and official I have known a total peace about the decision, and as the weeks have gone by, have felt more and more that this is the right time. Please pray for the team as they come to grips with getting the children into the meeting, possibly without the use of the mini bus.


David Harrington



  Please pray for the future of the children’s and youth work at Carley.

There are concerns regarding the number of youth leaders against the changing demands of the children and young people.

The current programmes at Carley are: Children’s Sunday School aged 5-14; Young people’s Sunday School aged 14-17. Jets on Tuesday’s aged 5-11; Surge on Tuesday’s (alternate) aged 11-14; Xtreme on Tuesday’s aged 12+; and the Lounge on Friday’s aged 12+.

With regards to the Children’s Sunday School, there is a need to split the group which currently has children aged 5-14. It is a large age range with different levels of understanding. With a shortage of leaders there may possibly be times when mid-week clubs will have to be cancelled. As we look to the near future we are faced with a challenge and know that we will struggle if we hope to continue with all the programmes with the current small number of workers.

- Please pray for more leaders.

- Bear in mind also, all the leaders hold full time jobs and/or are studying and also have other personal commitments. Leaders can often feel the pressure as they give their all each week. Please pray for strength that they not feel over-worked but keep their eyes focused on the Lord.



Rob’s progress is stable at the moment.

He has discontinued the physio for a while as it was felt there wasn’t much more improvement and a break was needed. Rob has been walking a little with his stick, mainly in the house. Rob has recently been to the General Hospital to have a calliper fitted on his right foot.

The good weather has helped Lorna to take Rob out and about a bit.

Lorna would like to thank you for the prayers and for keeping them in mind.



"Under the sea, under the sea, God's love is bigger, higher and deeper

 than you can dream. He is the way, the truth,

 the life, trust in Him 'cos he's

alive! He'll always love

you and He'll forgive you, then you'll be free"

- These were the words of our ‘H20 - journey to the deep’ holiday club. And what a fantastic time we had!                     (click here for more)




Greetings from Steve & Sophie Herd   

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