Curry with the Cooks 

Todd & Rebekah Cook - Birmingham,England.                                             March 2009

Dear Friends,

"Praise God; Praise God; Praise God!" Todd came into the kitchen and was so excited that’s all he could say! Our landlords in Birmingham sent us an email to see if we would like to move back into our old home, because the tenants are moving out. They wanted to ask us first; they are so kind. We had prayed about this over our time here, but had thought our hearts were being a bit too selfish and left it with God some months ago. We are so happy to be able to reconnect with our old neighbours.

 Since our last prayer letter we have spent a lot of time on the road; these months are the last "blast" of support raising. We went up to Brainerd, Minnesota and met up with old friends at Camp Shamineau. On the first night of travels we both sensed a deep and quick spiritual attack which was debilitating us, so we prayed very specifically for our wrestling, our struggling, our battles are against the spiritual forces (Eph. 6:12) and God brought the victory and calm. One powerful lesson God has taught us is that the enemy is real and does not like what we are doing and our God is the power!

We stayed with good friends in Merrifield, MN who invited our old study group to meet up and hear about our vision and calling. We both felt this was a very special blessed time. In Minneapolis, MN we met some of Todd’s very old and new friends and had some great times of conversation and catching up.

Driving from Minneapolis to La Crosse, WI we hit a terrible snow blizzard; we had to stop and get the ice/snow off the windscreen wipers that had accumulated. I just kept praying and was so glad Todd was driving! We stayed with more good friends and met many more. And saw more bald eagles along the Mississippi than I could count. On and off I have been battling with my migraines and yet with friends praying specifically they are much improved; for which I praise God.

 Prayer requests:

• Praise God for new friends joining our team!

• Praise for our UK housing

• Praise God we are on track for departure May 20th

• For Todd’s sermon prep for April

• For other meetings with people and churches

• For God’s gift of increased support

• Praise God for your help in sending us to bring the love of Jesus to the Muslim people of England

Sincerely in Christ, Todd and Rebekah Cook


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