El-o-Him [creator God] - Almighty God   

El El-yon [God most high]     - No one more worthy than HIM

El- Shaddai  [All sufficient]  - In HIM we lack nothing

Jehovah Jireh  [God provides] - God will provide (Genesis 22)

Jehovah Shammah  [near/the Lord is there] - God ever present (Ezekiel 48:35)

Jehovah Raah /Rohi [Shepherd God] - Leads us to the pastures for our needs

El Roi [He who watches over me] - ever present to keep us safe

Jehovah Shalom [God of Peace] - Giver of peace deep within

Immanuel [Here with me] - I am not alone. He is with me.

John 17:3 “and this is eternal life that they may know YOU, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent”.

Paul in Philippians 3:10 say “that I may know HIM….

I [Mohan] began to realise as I put some of the names written in the Bible that gives us a description of the Almighty God, how impossible it was to comprehend or understand the nature of God in all His greatness. We do not have enough words to describe our Almighty God as presented in the Bible.

Even the few words we have to describe our God shows how awesome He is. When I worked for a shoe retailer, the computers required to store the amount of numerical data we had took up a large room the size of our church or sports hall. Now most of that data can be stored on a laptop. We have used technology to make things small. Along with that the world has now put God in a small space if that at all. Believers, we need to be ever mindful in our walk that we do not minimise our Almighty God and the way He puts His plans in to action in our lives.

James tells us to count it all joy even in various trials. Our God is always there with us. He will never desert us. He always provides. We have a wonderful witness that in all circumstances or situations we are still filled with joy in Christ Jesus. God, over the ages to many has said “Do not be afraid”.

Present climate in the world is that of people wondering what next. Many are in despair. Many are afraid. Many have lost faith in the political answers. In work places people are nervous because they do not know if they will have an income tomorrow.

The Bible gives us that wonderful hope that our God has never failed His people nor will He ever do so. The Bible tells us that everything else will disappear but God’s plans will always come to pass.

Take heart dear followers of Jesus Christ – God promises to lead you all the way. One day He will take us to be with Him for evermore. This is our eternal hope and this is why those who trust in Jesus do not despair but are filled with peace, joy and their hope does not diminish in any circumstance.

Mohan Shah




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