What for? Why? Who?


These last few months as I prepared some messages from Hebrews, the above question was put in place, in the right context. Just to remind you - Hebrews begins with Jesus placed at the highest position. He is the exact likeness of the Almighty God and in Him all things are held together. He is the Creator and has all of God’s brightness and glory. He is the one whom with one action wiped away our sin. His death is the only one which satisfied the price required for our freedom from sin and eternal death. He now sits at the right side of God the Father. Hebrews tells us in the final chapter that we have one who will never change. We have total surety of His love, mercy, forgiveness and promises, today as they were in the past. WHAT is our response to WHO HE is? We are to worship Him fully, adore Him wholeheartedly, praise Him without hesitating, rejoice in Him and be excited to serve Him sacrificially - and we too should never change in doing so.

Recently we have also been reminded of what our priority as a people of the Almighty God is – to preach the good news.

Reading Nehemiah chapter 1, I was directed to verse 4 – “when I heard this, I sat down and cried. Then for several days, I mourned; I went without eating to show my sorrow and I prayed….. (verse 6) ….”answer the prayer that I make day and night”.

Question – When is the last time we cried, mourned for days and prayed day and night?

Our nation is becoming more and more ungodly, our leaders of the country are not setting a right example, many churches are nearly empty or even closing and so on. Friends, we are in a warfare and the power of prayer is required. We need to go before our Lord crying, mourning and to do it day after day / night after night.

Finally, are you involved and if not why not get involved. Read Nehemiah chapter 3. As each section of the wall was completed by one group of people, then the next section was taken up by another group. This carried on one after another.


Carley is now 186 years old. Over all these years God’s people have worked, witnessed, preached, praised and worshipped. They have built section by section. Today’s section is in our hands. Lets join together to make this church available for future generations. Let there be a heartfelt concern, then a cry in prayer day and night, and finally act to preach that good news we so much enjoy. There is a great need for workers in all areas so can I boldly ask don’t sit back. Some of the workers are in need of rest but they can’t because there is not another to take their place. Please pray for more workers but do not discard yourself from that prayer.


Mohan Shah



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