Psalm 33

Some time ago, when I was working, we looked at these verses, and were challenged at the psalmist’s call to worship. On the day we looked at these verses, we only had a keyboard, and of course our voices, but we were able to make a joyful noise to the Lord. And I began to realise that whenever we come together in the Lord’s presence, we too should come together and sing joyfully, simply because verse one tells us that ‘it is fitting for the upright to praise Him’. The Oxford English dictionary states that joy is a vivid emotion of pleasure and/or gladness. Can that be said of our corporate worship? The OED goes on to say that joy is a thing to cause delight – to the participant as well as to the one to whom we are addressing our worship.  

But that aside, we read here the awesome words that as Christians we tend to take for granted, and often belittle because they are, possibly, too familiar! It is good that we can be reminded that it is God who made our world, by His word only was the world brought into being, whatever some scientists would like us to believe! Regrettably, today, verse 8 is not adhered to in the world at large! People do not fear or revere Him, but all I can add, that is their loss, and if they continue to ignore Him in this world, then Scripture is quite clear, He will not know them in the world to come, and they will live evermore without Him! Hopefully, that should spur us on to reach a lost world around us, not just in our church situation, in our home situations or in the work that we do, but in our family life and day to day pursuits. To sum up verses 3 - 11, let me quote from Michael Wilcock’s book ‘The message of Psalms’ (Published by IVP). He says – ‘Everything God does is right and true, and faithful to His own character. Righteousness and justice underpin it all. In a world where so much is evidently not right, we may not always see how this can be.’ He goes on, ‘Good and evil are woven into the fabric of the universe, and those who explore and exploit it, ignore that fact at their peril.’ 

Read on from verse 12 to the end of the Psalm, - ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.’ Pray for our own nation in that light. Verse 13 – ‘The Lord looks down’ - A reminder (if we need one) that the Lord sees all, and considers everything we do (v15). 

Verses 16-17 – Nothing of man can save us, neither anything in the animal kingdom. Why are the eyes of the Lord upon those who fear Him? Simply – to deliver them from death (v18-19) 

But is verse 20 true of you and me? Do we wait in hope for the Lord? Do our hearts rejoice because we trust in Him? (v21) It is a fact that one day, and only God knows that day, He will again send His son to this earth. This time though, not as a babe, but as King and Judge. And whether we are still here, waiting in hope, or already gone before, may verse 22 be ours - ‘May your unfailing love rest upon us, Oh Lord, even as we put our hope in you.’ 

Therefore, let us rejoice in the fact that we are able to attend Church or these home meetings and services, because He made it possible, firstly by His creation, and then by His provision. 

Even when we are alone, we can sing - not even necessarily aloud – to the Lord, wherever we are. It certainly lifts our spirits, and I’m sure the Lord enjoys hearing our joyful noise.

David Harrington



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