God Provides


Spurgeon’s statements on Genesis 22:

1. The provision will come in the time of our extremity

2. The provision was spontaneously made

3. The provision was made by God Himself

4. A provision most gloriously made

5. The provision was made effectively

6. This provision was made for every believer

7. A provision which guarantees all other provision 

Mount Moriah, the place where Abraham was asked by God to take his son Isaac and offer him as a sacrifice is also the place where God met man’s greatest need which meets all other needs. We see in Genesis 22 that Abraham first of all tells his servants to wait with the statement “we will come back” [verse 5]. In verse 8 he tells Isaac that God will meet the need for the sacrifice or God will see to it. At the right moment God provides the ram for the sacrifice instead of Isaac. Abraham, once he was told not to kill his son as a sacrifice, he did not have to go looking for a substitute. The ram was just there.

God met man’s need of forgiveness from sin when Jesus died on the cross at Calvary. He became the substitute. Mount Moriah became the sight of Calvary. The Bible clearly tells us that when the time was just right God met the need. Jesus Christ paid the price which we cannot pay.

Man wants peace in the heart, joy and satisfaction of life more than anything. God did not hide the provision He has made. Christ Jesus, when you come to Him, will not only forgive but then fill your life with peace, joy and satisfaction which will never diminish. What God has promised He will complete. We are assured of this because God’s Word reminds us that He never changes. In the book of Hebrews we are told that He is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever’.

Finally, God has allowed us to choose – what an amazing act from the Almighty. He has planned and designed what we will go through but allows you and me to decide how we go through it. Below is quoted a story of what it means to allow God into all of our situations and give it to Him so that He can take us through.

William Sangster (1900-1960), the noted English preacher, visited a young girl in the hospital at a time when doctors were struggling in vain to keep her from becoming blind. With sadness she said to him, “God is going to take away my sight.” He listened but at first made no reply. Then he answered compassionately, “Don't let Him, Jessie. Give it to Him.” “I don't understand,” she responded. So he explained, “Try to pray this prayer: 'Father, if I must lose my sight, help me to give it to You.'“

God cares. He cares for all. Just read about the life that Jesus lived and who He met with, sat down with to eat, and touched so that they can be healed. He met people no matter who they were. No one is beyond His love.


Mohan Shah



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