Heaven is my home


Hebrews 11:13-16 & Colossians 3:1-4


I was recently asked, “Where is home for you?” Being Canadian has a lot of advantages, but living in England does as well. There still is a better country out there somewhere. “Heaven is my home” was my response. “That’s where I’m going. This world is far too messed up for me.”


The old truism, “Home is where your heart is,” may bounce around inside our heads from time to time. We all long for home after a long trip, a tough day at work, or being away for some other reason.


In Hebrews 11, we read about the heroes of faith, who believed God’s promises and obeyed Him. They thought of themselves as foreigners on the earth. They were not looking for an easy life on earth but endured hardship in their longing for a better country, a heavenly one. Take Abraham, for instance. He left his homeland in obedience to God, to find the Promised Land – Canaan. He still longed for heaven, knowing it is better.

Christians have somewhere better to go. Based on the work of Jesus, who was raised from the dead, Paul urges in Colossians 3 to set our hearts and minds on heavenly things, where Christ is. If our new life is hidden with Jesus in heaven, then heaven truly is our home.


So I ask you the question: If home is where your heart is, then where is your home? If heaven is your home, it will affect how you live. If you are living for the city God is preparing for you, you will not be understood by this world. If your heart and mind are glued on eternity, you will live like it, storing up treasures in heaven.

But if heaven is not your home, if you have not put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, your home is somewhere down here. The treasures you store up here will not last but will eventually be broken, stolen, and/or given to someone else (Matt 6:19). You will not be truly fulfilled, having rejected your only escape from judgement and free pass into heaven.


Where is your home?


Joel Geyer



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