May 6th:

John Todd, Hathern Baptist Church (am)

Steve Hardy (pm) 

May 13th:

John Todd (am)

Steve Hardy (pm) 

May 20th:

John Todd (am)

Akatu Odeh, Student Worker (pm) 

May 27th:

Mike Stringer, Oadby EBC (am)

Mike Stringer (pm) 

June 3rd,

Family Service: Joel Geyer (am)

Peter Harrison, Bethel (pm) 

June 10th:

Fred Hutton, Rutland (am)

Tom Morrison (pm) 

June 17th:

Pravin Chandarana, Barrow-on-Soar (am)

Jonathan Gilmore, Sicily (pm) 


 June 24th,

189th Church Anniversay:

Rev. Paul Bassett (am)

Richard Underwood, FIEC (pm) 

July 1st:

Joel Geyer (am)

Chris Baines (pm) 

July 8th:

Philip Raine, Bethel (am)

Paul Mason, Laburnum Road (pm) 

July 15th:

Martin Hall, Gaulby (am)

Nestor Makita (pm) 

July 22nd:

Richard Crocker, MAF (am)

Trevor Bowman, Little Hill (pm) 

July 29th:

Peter Austin, Bible Hall (am)

Lynne Mcleavy, Brazil (pm) 

August 5th:

John Tonks, Melbourne Hall (am)

Paul Webster, Avenue EBC (pm)


Lifetimes (2nd & 4th week of the month): 12.45 – 3.00pm 

Jets (children’s club aged 5-10): 6.30pm  

the Lounge (youth club): 7.30pm, at the Carley Centre


 Lifetimes activities and speakers: 

May 8th -

Averil Bassett - William Williams, Welsh hymn writer 

May 22nd -

 Alan Mercer - Holywell Church, Loughborough 

June 5th -

 Ellen Price - Oadby Baptist Church 

June 19th -

 Steve and Amy Chan - Chinese Church, Loughborough 

(July 3rd - no meeting)

July 17th -



12.45pm – soup & rolls, tea/coffee & biscuits, bring your own lunch

2-3pm meeting 

Next Meeting - August 14th



Prayer meeting, 7.30pm:


May 2nd:

Tom Morrison 

May 9th:

Colin Densham 

May 16th:

Colin Densham 

May 23rd:

Colin Densham 

May 30th:

Colin Densham 

June 6th:

Tom Morrison 

June 13th:

Video - DNA versus Mormonism



June 20th:

CD - Little Hill 

June 27th:

Pete Adams, Missionary prayer meeting 

July 4th:

Tom Morrison 

July 11th:

Paul Linnell 

July 18th:

Paul Linnell 

July 25th:

Paul Linnell 

August 1st:

Tom Morrison



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