This year we used Scripture Union’s Holiday Club resources to base our Holiday Club on. The theme was sports, with a focus on the Olympics.

We changed the times this year to the morning instead of the afternoon as we were aware that there were other children’s activities going on in the estate. We did some leafleting and put up posters in various places on the estate the week before.

The church hall was changed to a stadium with a racing track marked out, flags of different countries, and our own Olympic style torch!

We had a total of 17 children come to the club. It was great to see some familiar faces from previous holiday clubs and some bought their friends.

Each day we did a work out, sung songs, and then had an upfront challenge related to the ‘sport of the day’ - volleyball, football and athletics. These were also the names of the teams. Then the children were sent off on their triathlon of games, Bible Discovery and crafts. During the time of the club children could earn points for their team and at the end of each day the points were calculated and prizes given.

The teaching was taken from Marks gospel. They each had a work book to complete during the Bible Discovery times too. We were greatly encouraged in particular with the understanding and response that the children showed towards all that they heard. We really thank God for this. The teaching on the final day was the parable of the sower, and it is our prayer that seeds have been planted in good soil in the hearts of these children. There was also a memory verse that the children had to learn (Hebrews 12:1-2). Again, they were extremely enthusiastic towards learning this. Throughout the club the children had a unity with one another. All the children no matter what their age or what team they were in all got along really well. The third day was a Family Fun Day. The children and adults were free to play games, draw, or have their face painted, for the first half of the club. Then in the second half were songs and another challenge of a rely race - which was one of the highlights of the club. We had planned more games but we ran out of time!

On Easter Sunday we had an award ceremony where we announced the winning team and awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

This years holiday club was a lot of fun. I was sad when it was over!  Each team member played a vital part in the running of the club and the Lord really blessed us. Though there was disappointment that new children from the estate did not come we knew that the Lord is in control. We were thankful for all the children that came and trust what He has done in their lives, and that has been a privilege enough. Thank you for your prayers. 

Grace Mistry




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