Thanks for praying for us as we adjust to living back in the States. God blessed us with a beautiful cottage by a lake to live in until June 26th, after which we moved to my cousin Barbie and Tommy’s in Baileyville (Woodland) until about July 7th , then we’ll be moving to a house in Glenburn (also Maine) until about July 20th, then we’ll begin driving across America to Oregon in the lovely 2001 Buick Lesabre car God has provided stopping to visit supporters, arriving by the 31st July in time to collect our daughter Emily who is flying over to visit for two weeks.

Are you tired yet?! Wait until you hear what we’ve done so far since our arrival on May 6th! Apart from the first Sunday which was American Mother’s Day when we went to my (Jeanie’s) mom’s home church with her mother, sister Linda and niece Tanya and her family, John has preached in a different church every Sunday. Three of those Sundays were at Churches looking for a pastor. The people were very friendly in all three of those churches. None of them have chosen him to be their pastor yet. On Sunday June 21st, we shared our ministry and John preached in Canada at Milltown Baptist both morning and evening. They are both a supporting church and are without a pastor. They do not have a parsonage (manse) which we would need. We will share in several supporting churches in central and southern Maine after we move to Glenburn on July 7th. 

Between meetings John has been meeting for prayer with local evangelical pastors on Friday mornings. We’ve spent much time with my side of the family for birthdays, anniversaries and other family events.  We have gone to visit my mom, Janice Sprague, almost every day at her Assisted Living. Last week we brought her out to our cottage June 9th. My sister Linda and I tried to help her up two steps into the cottage but she twisted the upper part of the leg that is amputated, so we made a trip into the hospital’s emergency to have an x-ray. Thankfully, nothing was broken, but she couldn’t wear her artificial leg due to the swelling. A bone specialist has put an air cast (removable at night) on her ankle of her good leg to strengthen it while it heals.

In my free time I am putting together a photo journal of the 25 years we lived in England and most of you are in it as you are all very dear to us.

Please pray for Janice Sprague’s amputated leg to stop hurting and for her ankle on her good leg to get stronger so she can walk with her walker again and not be confined to a wheelchair. Also, pray for God’s leading that we would know which church God wants John to pastor or if he should continue to do pulpit supply into the autumn. Please pray for safety as we travel across the USA to Oregon (about 3000 miles each way).  We praise God that we can come back to stay in the cottage by the lake for the autumn (at least September and October).  That is such a blessing.

Thank you again for praying for us and for the luncheon on our last Sunday at Carley on May 3rd. It was so special. You are dear to us and dear to our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

In Christian love, Jeanie & John Fennell

P.S.  Our grandson Caleb (Debee and Judah’s 14 month old son) is walking across the room now. Our grand daughter Kerith (2½ years) has decided Grammie and Grampy live in the computer since she saw us on video over Skype last week.


Greetings from Steve & Sophie Herd

Everyone always told me that time flies as you get older and I’m (Sophie) beginning to believe them. (I still think I’m young though..!!) We’ve been in the United States for nearly 9 months and the time has flown. God has been good and has given us peace through a lot of uncertainty surrounding Steve’s employment and has taught us not to worry about tomorrow.

Steve is still enjoying work and is busy. He is planning on getting involved with an outreach called Campus Crusade where he will lead Bible Studies with University students in small groups, starting in the autumn.

I am still getting involved at church and enjoying Bible studies during the day as well as helping out at a youth group held in a deprived school during the school term. From September, I will be taking on the role of a Core Group Leader in Community Bible Study which means I will be guiding a group of about 16 women through the book of Revelation. I will be given training and have weekly support in this. I also continue with my singing and piano lessons and had a recital a couple of weeks ago. I also play in the orchestra and sing in the choir at church – a choir of about 70!

We are really looking forward to the visit of my family next month. Dad, Mum, Emily and Pollyanna are coming to visit for 6 weeks! We are so thankful to the Lord that Emily is well enough to travel. She has recovered well from her windpipe surgery and the follow up tests show there was no damage caused. Mum tells me her speaking has improved as has her eating. The first tumour was 6 cm diameter and the second 3 cm. Her walking has not improved from her spinal surgery and other than around the house, she needs a wheelchair to get around any distance. Thank you all so much for your prayers for her, it is such a comfort knowing that she is in the hands of a loving heavenly Father.

We would be grateful if you could pray specifically that we would find a ministry where we can serve God together and bring Him glory.

We trust you are all well and think of you often.

With love Steve and Sophie



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