"Under the sea, under the sea, God's love is bigger, higher and deeper than you can dream. He is the way, the truth, the life, trust in Him 'cos he's alive! He'll always love you and He'll forgive you, then you'll be free"

These were the words of our ‘H20 - journey to the deep’ holiday club. And what a fantastic time we had! We had between 28 and 34 children coming through the doors over the 4 days the holiday club ran for. In our watery based theme we focused the teaching on obedience. We learnt about why we should obey Jesus and what happens when we try to go our own way instead. We realised that, when we know what amazing things Jesus has done for us, we actually want to obey him! The teaching was primarily done through a filmed news report, telling various stories about Jesus. The children thoroughly enjoyed these and then had the opportunity to discuss the themes and topics raised by the story in their groups. Everyday we had a lively time of singing, complete with actions. Many of the songs were based around the importance of obedience and many of these songs are still being sung by the children in Sunday School and at Jets. Our memory verse (which many of the children still remember) was from John 14:21 "Those who know my commands and obey them are the ones that love me, and my Father will love those who love me." Added to this we had many crazy games and an even crazier workout, some excellent fish-y crafts and some creative group times. All the children were fantastically enthusiastic and well-behaved, and it was a delight to get to know such a lot of new children. All the leaders worked exceptionally hard to prepare for and make the club run so smoothly. Whether they were serving refreshments, leading a group, planning crafts, working with technology or one of the number of other jobs involved, everyone worked with dedication and professionalism. We must thank God for all that he did through these 4 days and pray that he will continue to work in the lives of every child and adult that came into contact with the word of God through the Holiday Club.

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