The First Church in Leicester to be Heated by a New Environmentally Friendly Heating System
Worshippers at Carley Evangelical Baptist Church are looking forward to a much warmer winter after the installation of a new heating system.
Carley Church is undergoing a programme of refurbishment at the moment, the heating system being a major part of this. It also includes some new double glazed windows and doors in a part of the Church that is used not only by Church members but also by all the community, especially the young of the area, who have a youth den here.
Carley Church is situated in Wharf St North, in the centre of the city.
The money to pay for the refurbishment has been raised by the Church itself. The new Low Carbon Heating is expected to cut Carbon emissions by 8 tonnes every year. It is an Air Source Heat Pump System, which for every KW of electricity used – four KW of heat is given out! The system heats and cools and is in the forefront of the Church’s concern for the physical needs of its congregation.

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