Reaching our Hindu neighbours

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with 900million followers. There are 558,342 Hindu’s living in Britain, 41,248 of which are in Leicester, having the largest percent of Indian origin religions (2001 census). No doubt we all have some interaction with a Hindu person through different settings such as work, or being served at a shop.

Hinduism has no founder and no body of doctrine, instead there is a great diversity of beliefs and practices. On one hand it can be easy to engage in conversation with a Hindu about the seemingly common subject of religion and God, but it can become difficult to get to the core understanding of their beliefs and then attempt to distinguish their belief with Christianity.

On Saturday 2nd April at Little Hill Church (Wigston) there was a seminar on how to reach the Hindu people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There were three sessions given by Juge Ram Chopra, a convert from Hinduism who is now a pastor of a church in Birmingham.

The information was so helpful.

      Session 1 covered Hinduism – its history, beliefs, and dangers of the influence of Hinduism to the west

      Sessions 2 covered cultural awareness

      Session 3 covered what to do and what not to do on reaching Hindu’s

Juge spoke simply and understandably about Hinduism and gave lots of practical suggestions and cautionary advice. There were papers outlining and giving details of what Juge spoke about. Also there is a set of three CD’s recording the messages fully.

If anyone would like to borrow the CD’s to learn more about Hindu people and their beliefs, then please see John Wheeler.



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