The theme for the Holiday Club this year was ‘time travel’. We created a tardis style time machine, complete with a crazy scientist ‘doc’ (think Back to the Future verses Dr Who and that’s where the inspirations came from!)

Each day we took the children back in time to different moments in history that tell of Jesus. The children were shown short animated clips of these stories on the time machine monitor. On the first day we travelled back to the moment when Isaiah was given the prophesy of a child who is to be born; that that child will be special. Intrigued, we then travel forward to witness the birth of that special child and discover that it is Jesus. We travel again a little forward and see Jesus as a boy in the temple. On the second day we travel back in time to when Jesus is a man and He heals a woman who is sick in bed. And then travel again a few years forward and see this helpful, good person crucified undeservingly. The children were split into two teams - the red team and the blue team according to age. It was in the groups that the stories were further elaborated.

On the third day we had a family fun day. Children and their parents were invited to stay and participate in the various activities and team games. This day in particular was a highlight as it enabled us to engage in general conversation with the children and adults in a more relaxed setting. We also did one final bit of time travelling where we witnessed what happened after Jesus was crucified - His resurrection. This completed the Easter message. Along with the memory verse which was ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever’ (Hebrews 13:8) it declared that the finished work of Jesus all those years ago is still implacable to us today. The children showed great understanding of the events of Jesus’ life and mission as we sought to present the real Easter message. We give all praise to God.

Of course we also sang some new songs and did some craft activities - a scroll with the memory verse and time capsules.

We had a manageable number of children each day and we praise God for the new children that came. Please pray that contact with the church will continue.

Thank you to all who prayed for the holiday club. We also thank God for the team, which was smaller this year. A lot of time and effort was put in, however everyone carried out their specific roles with humility and through unity. 

Grace Mistry


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