Jamaican New Testament

This year Jamaica celebrated its 50 years of independence. To add to this significant event the first Jamaican New Testament will be launched in the United Kingdom this Autumn.

Amongst the five million Jamaican’s around the world, many speak Patois, the language developed by their ancestors to keep secrets from their masters.

At present no costs are available but we hope to have copies of ‘Di Jamiekan Nyuu Testament’ as soon as they are printed. 

It will be available as a diglot, with the JNT in one column and the King James Version - the most widely used Bible translation in Jamaica - in the other.

Here is an extract

P H Adams

An e-mail received from Paul Langham of JNL on the 11th Sept 2012  

Dear Sirs, 

I just wanted to get in touch regarding your website article on the Jamaican New Testament (JNT), Bible Society in conjunction with Bible Society West Indies are printing the JNT and it will be available in early November the following link to our shop provides further details; 


We will be launching the JNT at Christian Resources Exhibitions at Manchester on the 10th and 11th of October and we will have Courtney Stewart the General Secretary of Bible Society West Indies speaking at the event on the 10th, more details can be found at www.creonline.co.uk . 

I hope this information is of interest, if I can be of further assistance please do get in touch. 

Kind regards 

Yours faithfully, 

Paul Langham 

Director of Sales and Marketing Bible Society Enterprise


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