John 3:30 - “He must increase, but I must decrease”

These are the words written concerning John the Baptist. John was a great man but in the presence of the Lord Jesus he had no hesitation in realising who was the master and worthy of praise. What a contrast this statement is that Jesus must increase and he, John must decrease to that of the world of today. Today we see world leaders wanting to be above all, we see people desiring fame for themselves through their achievements or inventions; businesses expanding to make bigger profits at the expense of others, or of individuals wanting to be in a prominent place of work, or even in the desire to have better and finer earthly things than others, and so on and so forth. The list can go on and this applies to believers as well as churches.

John in making such a statement shows to us even today what stand we are to make.

For John it was a must that he decreases. Today in our own lives we have to show the same desire. For Jesus to increase we must be willing to decrease, we must be willing to submit to His way and allow the same character of Jesus declare to this world who is the Lord through our lives. God wants His church to be different. He does not want big, fancy, expensive looking buildings. Becoming great and successful is not wrong. There are many believers who have done great things, being amazing inventors, established businesses and God has used them greatly for His Glory when they have given all to Him as servants of the Living GOD..

What God wants of His people is hearts and lives who humble themselves and become servants to God first and then to each other in the same love that Christ poured on us. This will be a witness to the world that we are God’s forgiven and saved people.

Matt 3:2 – “repent for the kingdom of God is at hand”

Mark 1:3 – “Prepare the way for the Lord”

John was preparing the way for Jesus the Messiah to come and begin His ministry. What about us who have become God’s children through being saved because of Jesus. What is our ministry today? Are we living for Jesus in such a way that we too are like John saying to the world around us – “Prepare the way for the Lord”? This time though it is not only about Jesus completing His ministry all the way to the cross and becoming alive after 3 days in the grave, but also warning the world that He is coming back as Lord, Master and Judge. The world which we are part of is looking at technology, medical advances, diplomacy, environment friendly etc in order to make it a better place. People are inventing more and more things to give us pleasures of life. These we know last for a while and then are gone and people seek something else to satisfy.

Therefore our ministry is the ministry of guiding the world towards Jesus who gives everlasting satisfaction. We are here not only as witness that only Jesus is the answer but also as warning people that this same Jesus who was put on the cross to die and was buried is ALIVE and is coming BACK AGAIN and this time He will judge. We are to share the good news that God has already provided in Jesus for our salvation along with the bad news too that without Jesus they face that punishment which is not only never ending but is also eternal agony.


Mohan Shah  



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