Marjorie Bubb, Missionary in Nigeria

Letter from Marjorie Bubb, missionary in Nigeria, and former member of Carley Street Baptist church (1932-1946): 

“I joined Carley Street Baptist Church at the age of 15 when Mr Hassler was the Minister. My mother had been introduced to the Bible oriented church and I left the Methodist Church where my sister and I attended Sunday School, where I used to sing solos every year at the Sunday School Anniversary. Upon joining Carley I soon became a Sunday School teacher to the little ones, and I joined the Choir. 

Gradually I entered into the activities - Tuesday night children’s meeting, Wednesday night YPF, Thursday night Choir, Saturday night Prayer Meeting, and three visits each Sunday. In fact most of my life seemed to be spent at Carley and it was there that I met missionaries who were home on furlough visiting churches to tell about their work.

I also became Home & Overseas Secretary, and, during the War I typed and sent out P.J. Smith’s letters to those who joined up.

After Mr Hassler retired we had P.J. Smith as the minister, a very lively young man who, during the war years appealed to many of the Service Personnel, so the evening services in particular were very well attended. 

I was Baptised at age 17, I think, and it was during this time that the Lord spoke to me about missionary work, but I said ‘Lord, what use would I be? I’m not a nurse, doctor or teacher-I’m only a secretary.’ But the Lord spoke through Jeremiah 18:6 ‘Cannot I do with you as this Potter’ and Genesis 31:3 ‘Now arise get thee out from to his land’ and many more such verses. One lady missionary gave me the name of Redcliffe Missionary Training College as she said I would have to do 2 years training before I could be accepted. I eventually wrote to Redcliffe and they sent forms to fill in. At the top was the College motto: ‘Cannot I do with you as this Potter’. What more confirmation did I need? So, I filled in the forms and was accepted and started in January 1946 straight after the War. After my 2 years I applied to SUM for work in Nigeria but was turned down.. I was shattered - what now Lord? After receiving this news I went to my room for my usual Quiet Time and my reading at that time was in Ruth and that particular morning Naomi speaking to Ruth ‘Sit still my daughter till you see how the matter will fall.’ A week or so later I received a letter asking ‘when are you sailing with SIM?’ a different mission - a door ajar which I needed to push so I wrote to SIM in London, was asked for an interview and was eventually accepted and within 3 months I was sailing, rather nervously, to West Africa. I felt rather like Abraham ‘who went out not knowing whither’. I had no idea where I was going or what work I  would be doing but, on Board at Lagos I was handed a letter saying I was needed as Secretary to the manager of the Mission Bookshop in Jos—2 nights and 2 days on the train so that was my day job. I also helped with a large African Sunday School and sang at different meetings. 

15 months after my arrival my mother died which was a huge blow, and when her letters stopped it was like second bereavement but, unknown to me, the Lord had someone waiting in the wings as it were, the gentleman who became my husband.

He was sitting at my breakfast table in the mission dining room with a lady and 2 schoolgirls - I thought they were a family and asked if he was putting one of the his girls into the Boarding School. He said, I am not married, I have just given them a lift. He also did Bookshop work for Church Missionary Society! This was in January 1950 and Dick and I were married in December 1950 - having met on about 3 different occasions - no telephones between us so everything had to be done by letter. It could have been a disaster but the Lord was in it and we survived to our Golden Wedding in 2000. Unfortunately he died one week before the next one.

We finally retired to England in 1960 or 61 where Dick worked at St. Paul’s Teacher Training College in Cheltenham until he retired. 

Our son was born in Nigeria, but now lives in USA, and it is with him and my daughter-in-law that I now live, having sold my home age 90 and moved here. I am now coming up to 95 and waiting for the Lord to call me to my Heavenly Home. I am still enjoying good health, able to take 2 dogs out for walks (one at a time). Don't laugh but I am now a Choir ‘Girl’ again!! 

If God calls you He will open up the way. He doesn't make mistakes. 

God bless you all. I pray for Carley everyday. 

Love in Him,

Marjorie Bubb (nee Wright)



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