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At a recent A.W.M. conference I met ‘Betty’ and ‘Ronald’. They are Tunisians, who have recently joined our ‘Company’. They spoke about their work in ‘Media’ – Christian TV, Radio, Internet, and answering letters from Bible Correspondence courses. I introduced myself to them as a Missionary Kid born in Tunisia, and I discovered that ‘Ronald’ came from a very religious city in Tunisia. I was overjoyed as my grandparents worked there for about 30 years in the 1890’s. At the end of that time there were no open homes, no one reading the Bible, and no believers. Granny and Grandpa were so discouraged that twice they packed up to return to the UK, but they had no money for the fare!

Their 4 children became Christian workers. The 2 girls also joined NAM (North Africa Mission, which has changed its name to Arab World Ministries). My aunt worked in Morocco and my mother in Tunisia, where she and my father saw 2 Tunisians converted. Grandpa started to translate the New Testament into colloquial Arabic and mother helped to complete it.

Now here was the ‘fruit’ from Granny and Grandpa’s work – 2 Tunisians joining our mission. We all cried with joy! ‘Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord’.

My nephew and his wife are serving the Lord with a church in Paris in the same mission.






Missionary Matters

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An impossible dream?


The Church has faced daily inequalities and discrimination, outright persecution – even death, whether individual martyrdoms or genocide. Converts from Islam are condemned to be executed as traitors.

Today, Christians in Iraq face annihilation, while in many other countries they sink further to the lowest strata of society. Their governments are becoming anti-Western, anti-Christian. Christians find themselves caught up in wars not of their making, betrayed by Western politicians and military, sometimes even by the Western Church.

Can change come? Or is it an impossible dream? Is it only a dream to long for a time when wrongs will be righted, when all Christians will be able to worship freely, converts will be accepted, and the yoke of Islam and other


nationalisms which oppress God’s people will be broken? Is it only a dream to imagine a time when Christians are fed and clothed, cared for in their sickness, set free from prison? I believe this is a dream that comes true in Christ. “As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40).

Yes, persecution will never go away, for the Bible says that everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. The Bible speaks of growth, development and spirituality, born of the fire of suffering and oppression. If burdens are not lifted now, that dream will ultimately be realised in glory, where there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo – International Director

(Taken from Barnabus Aid magazine Sept/Oct)


Barnabus Fund was established in 1993 with the aim of providing practical help to Christians in Muslim contexts. For more information on Barnabus Fund visit www.barnabasfund.org



Missionary matters





Family Camp was exciting!!  We had a good number stay out at the camp this year. We saw 65 stay for some of the time at camp. With over 30 come for a day visit. You can imagine the buying of food, the accommodation of the families, (Stathern Lodge has room for 75 people in dormitory rooms). We are thankful that Carley Church had a part in the ministry at camp as Mohan was one of our speakers. Annette was the camp Doctor. Grace was involved with the youth. Joel got the chocolate fountain working! Bina taught crafts Saturday afternoon. It was also good to have some special guests with us! Oliver and Linda Williams and Vollie Grover were at the camp to encourage and talk with each of us. Camp had its accidents this year, Linda Williams tripped the morning before camp and fractured her shoulder. Mariam Brandon fell at camp and dislocated her thumb needing an operation on it. Pray for them, as they recover! Even with these accidents, we were encouraged how camp went. Many are interested to come next year! Will there be room for everyone?! Thank you for praying for us, as we ministered the Word of God. Thank you!!


John Fennel


“We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near; men tell of your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 75:1


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