The Trokhymenko Update

Dear friends and family,

We have now passed the 6 months mark! Wow! What a year it has been – talk about the change! But despite the changes for all of us we have been assured of His unchanging nature and his constancy in our lives. He has remained the same despite all the upheaval in our life. And our praise goes to Him, our ever faithful Friend.

The progress of the Velyka Andrusivka Church:

  • April 2010: between 7 and 10 people meet on a Sunday from 9.30 to 11am

  • As the weeks go by, several people who had left the church for various reasons, start coming back

  • Talks of building alteration works start

  • August: we start meeting on a Friday evening (5-7pm). We break bread, share a simple meal (according to Acts 2:46-47) and have a Bible teaching. Between 10 and 15 people meet together. We had a vision for such a meeting before we came out to serve in Ukraine.

  • The teaching brought to the church is starting to bear fruit – several people are reconciled (family members and friends)

  • As time goes by, people in the church start to invite relatives and friends to one or the other meeting. Several people get themselves back on track with the Lord

  • Some of the building works and improvements are made to the internal appearance of the building (there are still many more works to do)

  • September: during a Sunday service, several people ask for specific prayer and God’s presence is really powerful. Reconciliation continues, testimonies flow of God’s power in everyday life. There is a new unity.

  • October: 20-22 people (including children) meet on Sunday morning out of a group of 30 regulars. Now the meeting room is too small!

We are now looking at more extensive building alteration works to make the meeting hall bigger. The first set of works is done, the heating works and we have to prepare ourselves to ‘enlarge the place of our tent…lengthen our cords and strengthen our stakes’ (Isaiah 54:2)

Our vision is to see people rooted in the Word of God, shining in their community, and whose testimony attracts others to the Lord



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