Feed the Hungry


The on-going famine in the East of Africa covering Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya, has been in the news recently. Many more people could be living now if action had been taken earlier - this was the conclusion of the report by two large charity organisations. Feed the Hungry is a Charity which has been sending aid to parts of Africa to be distributed by local Church partners.


An entire planting season has been lost and people do not have enough food. Feed the Hungry have supplied containers of corn and beans to some of the worst hit areas. Forty six thousand specially formulated “Manna packs” have been delivered to ministry partners in Nairobi, Kenya. Created for undernourished and weaning infants the Manna packs are designed to be more gentle on a child’s digestive system that has been ravaged by malnutrition. Pastor Javan Ommani of Kenya Outreach Ministries reports that some people are too weakened by hunger to eat a whole meal, first they must sip the nourishing porridge a little at a time until they are able to take more solid food. His team is taking Feed The Hungry supplies first to hospitals and then to every village they can while food lasts. “As I have seen these people” he says “tears have come out of my eyes. I have cried out, ‘God of heaven touch these people so they do not die before they know Jesus Christ’. In every village we tell them this is God’s work and many are coming to Christ. ”

Every moment counts for the hungry children and families. Pastor Solomon, a programme partner in Uganda, says “we had more than 1000 lining up for food for three hours.  We are starting to run out of food”.

Pastor Chris Okumu, a partner at the Soweto Academy in Kenya, said “It’s just something you can’t imagine if you are from the west. Some children run away because they cannot eat”.

Faith and her brother were rescued from scavenging on rubbish dumps and were brought to the Academy where they were fed, given an education and most importantly, taught about Jesus. After Faith and her brother began living at Soweto Academy her parents wanted to learn more about a religion that would show such compassion. They accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts. Now they are members of the church in Soweto and live right next to the Academy. Pray for Africa.                                  


For more information see: www.feedthehungry.org



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