Missionary Aviation Fellowship supports crucial work by missionaries, doctors, aid agencies and development projects. A Missionary Aviation Fellowship plane takes off somewhere in the world every three minutes. The planes carry all sorts of passengers and equipment.

Recently in Africa the latest type of medical equipment for cataract surgery was transported from Johannesburg to the north west of Mozambique in a MAF plane. It would not have travelled well and could have been easily damaged on a road journey.

 In Papua New Guinea a tractor was transported by a Twin Otter aircraft to Malamanda. The tractor will make a huge difference in maintaining the airstrip and developing community building projects run by New Tribes Mission.

Flights from Nairobi in Kenya have enabled World Vision to be involved in providing nutritional support in Somalia around Waajid for 36000 people. Vision Valley Church in Antananarivo the capital of Madagascar have a pioneering work to reach people along the Mangoky River. The MAF planes support this by flying in teams of workers.

 Often people are transported to hospital for operations that cannot be performed locally, this happened in Sumatra where a little baby had a cleft lip repaired at Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

 In Australia’s northern territories the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land had a celebration last June. They had the New Testament in their own language - Djambarrpuynu. Over a hundred people were flown into join others on Elcho Island to celebrate. The actual title is God -Wanarrwu –Walnamirr- Dharuk which literally means "The Creator Gods Living Word" It has taken 32 years for the translation to be completed.

 In Mongolia a plane called Millennium Messenger has reached and touched countless lives. Occasionally the weather conditions can change rapidly making it difficult for flying here the wings start to ice up! Most of the people are nomadic shepherds but without the Shepherd.

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(Taken from MAF’s newsletter ‘Flightwatch’)


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