Some time last year as a Missionary of the Month we had an article about Mission Aviation Fellowship – a tractor was delivered in a plane. Below is anther article on MAF but this time with a difference, it is contributed by a real person – a trainee pilot for MAF in Australia, Luke Allen. Luke and his family worshipped at Melbourne Hall before moving down south. Before starting his training, Luke managed to save £8,000 while working at McDonalds - quite a feat. Here is his latest newsletter:

“As I sit down to write to you I struggle to think of what to write as it has been a difficult few weeks of late. The main highlight of this time has been my passing another exam. A few weeks ago I passed my CPL Aerodynamics exam at the third attempt, which was a huge relief. I was really apprehensive and quite nervous leading up to the exam with having a lot of other stuff happening, but I really felt God’s hand upon me as I sat down and started going through the questions. Funnily enough, I actually enjoyed the experience. It was such a relief to have that one over and done with, and my attention now turns to my final CPL exam which I am planning to sit around the end of the month. It is such a comfort to know I am doing this as part of a team and not alone, even though the team is spread out all over the world!

As far as the flying goes, the last entry in my log book is on the 17th April; I have not flown since then, primarily due to lack of finances. Thank you to all those who have graciously and generously donated financially, and thank you to all who are praying for me through this situation. I have been able to pay off some of what I owe through your donations, and the figure still to pay is slowly getting smaller. I still owe $7,000AUD to complete the payment for my Flight Training Agreement. With having to stay here longer I am having to pay for extra accommodation, and will need to pay enrolment fees once next semester starts in about four weeks time. So I need to fly to complete my training but I need funds to fly! All this adds a few extra items to juggle with. It has been a very stressful few weeks! I would ask that you continue to pray that God would provide the remaining finances needed, and that I would continue to remain faithful and trust God, and portray a Christ-like attitude through this testing time.

Praise God that my visa application was accepted and a new visa has been granted! This new visa is valid until October 27th, by which time I would seriously hope to have completed my training and be looking forward to what God has next for me to accomplish for His kingdom and glory. Thank you for your prayers on this matter. The relief I felt when I had the confirmation phone call was unbelievable. It was such a comfort and encouragement to feel God carrying and caring for me through these difficult times.

Over the past few weeks I have really been blessed by friends and family who have greatly encouraged me. I have been encouraged to remember that, even though times are difficult and it is sometimes tough to be positive and motivated, life is not all about me. As I was going to church yesterday I had a song in my head: “I’m coming back to the heart of worship, where it’s all about You, it’s all about You, Jesus. I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it, when it’s all about You...” I am not here for me; I am here for Jesus. He created me and led me here to be trained in the ministry of mission aviation. In the midst of difficulties and trials it is very easy to be distracted and disheartened, and it has felt like I’m going through a bit of a desert at times. But God is faithful; He is teaching me so much about life, Himself, and myself. And it is such a joy to be able to grow through faith in Him. I read Matthew 6:5-15 and was struck by the words “Your kingdom come. Your will be done..” I feel that submission to Him is something God has really been teaching me in the past 18 months or so with everything that has been going on. Yes, I have made mistakes, but God is sovereign and I have learnt again to submit to His control. I don’t need to know all the answers, I only need to know I have fully obeyed the instructions God has given me as it is all about Him, not me. Thank you again for your love and support. May God bless you.” Luke


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