A church that:-

has grown out of a high quality café provision near Aberdeen,

meets in a rugby club bar in South Devon,

is willing to take on a key role in sponsoring a state school with a Christian ethos in the Forest of Dean,

meets in a home in Inverness,

has been planted in place of a declining church in Somerset,

has renovated (and meets in) an old Masonic temple near Edinburgh,

is part of an exciting and innovative strategy for planting a number of new churches in the Black Country,

has meetings simultaneously in Urdu, Punjabi and English in Langley, Slough 

All these exciting church plants (and a number of others too) are part of the developing CPI network and none of the above church plants is more than about 5 years old.  The 1800’s saw a time of significant church planting with rapid numerical growth amongst self-governing and bible based churches but during the latter part of the 1900’s (with some encouraging exceptions) there has been a trend of decline and closure.  How could that trend be reversed?

In 1999 CPI was set up to help counter that trend and is a collaborative venture involving Counties Evangelism, Gospel Literature Outreach, Partnership UK and the Church Growth Trust (formerly the property arm of Stewardship Services). Its brief is to encourage and resource church planting (and therefore church growth) amongst self-governing churches in the UK, seeking to multiply churches committed to their communities, to the gospel message through evangelism / mission and to kingdom values.

CPI’s challenging and exciting task involves:

Encouraging the planting of new churches

Raising up new church planters

Training, mentoring, equipping and providing pastoral support (and financial help when possible) for them

Building a network of church planters from amongst self-governing churches

Providing hope for churches whose numbers & influence have declined by helping them to start afresh

It is really thrilling to see new churches being planted in the UK by people with a passion and commitment, new healthy churches growing through evangelism and outreach and also to see existing churches becoming aware that decline and closure is not inevitable.

Are you being challenged to get involved in church planting? 

Would you like to know more about what church planting involves?

Would you like to learn more about CPI and what it does? 

Would you like to help support the work financially?

You can get more information and also the Summer 2011 newsletter (and recent newsletters) from www.churchplantinginitiative.co.uk or contact Liz and Julian Marsh (Director, CPI) on 01275 848770 or 07802 312000 or e-mail jpm@jmarsh.freeserve.co.uk  We would love to hear from you.

(pictures – Langley Church Plant on its 3rd Sunday, Forest of Dean Community Church congregational worship, some Church Planters and CPI trustees, Liz and Julian Marsh (Director, CPI))




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