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Next year in 2010 it is estimated that 50% of 18–21year olds in the UK will be studying in university or college. Of these 3.5 million students, 300,000 will be internationals. Most will know little of Jesus. Many students will be affected by debt, loneliness and pressure. Increasingly few of these students have any church background, Biblical knowledge or Christian faith. Some are hostile to the Gospel; many are open to thinking about Jesus. The student world is an unparalleled opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with a spiritually hungry generation.

UCCF is a family of students, staff, and supporters. Christian Unions are mission teams operating in universities and colleges, supported by the local church, and resourced by UCCF staff. This family exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the student world. Christian Unions play a vital role in reaching students with the Gospel and encouraging existing “fresher” Christians into the student world.

Last year saw the start of a literature distribution project called “FREE”. 400,000 copies of Mark’s Gospels were unveiled to be given away to students at events organised by local Christian Unions on campuses throughout the country. A supporting website is designed for student seekers and sceptics who want to explore the message of Jesus with an open and adult mind. The website tackles the big questions of life with “Mark” and his Gospel. Pray that students will be challenged and the seed will land on good ground and produce living faith.

UCCF provides training for student Christian union leaders, and is holding a conference called Forum 09 in August/September in Oswestry. The conference gives students a chance to meet and share with other Christian Union leaders from all over Great Britain. It is a week of worshipping together, praying for one another and being transformed by God's Word. Pray that the Lord will pour out blessing on everyone that attends. Also pray for the staff of UCCF whether office or field based that they will continue to be led and blessed by the Lord.


(Taken from ‘nb magazine’ and UCCF website: www.uccf.org.uk)



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