Making Gods Love Visible

Sat 7 is a TV broadcasting company that started in 1996 with just two hours of programmes a week. SAT7 now broadcasts on 3 channels 24 hours a day, covering 20 countries. SAT7 is a Christian Satellite network with programmes in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish languages. The broadcasts are produced by Middle Eastern believers, who ensure all productions are culturally relevant. The coverage stretches from Morocco to Afghanistan. This area includes the fantastically wealthy and the abysmally poor. But whether they live in shining glass skyscrapers or in desert tents, the people of the Middle East and North Africa are united in their love for television.

On 31st December 2010, a car bomb exploded in front of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, killing 21 worshipers and injuring more than 70 others. In the days afterward members of the Christian minority in Egypt, who make up as much as 10% of the country’s population, began demonstrations around the country. In response to escalating tensions, SAT-7 ARABIC interrupted its normal broadcasts. The channel instead offered live programming from its Cairo studio to give local Church leaders a chance to respond and minister to people during this difficult situation. These leaders used the daily live shows to urge their congregations, and the wider community, to work for peace and not destruction.

Daily live TV shows give Egyptian church leaders opportunity to call for peace, to calm the enraged and to explain the gospel.

Thousands of viewers monthly make contact with SAT7 after seeing programmes which make them think and raise questions, covering all members of society, regardless of their religion or beliefs. Children are not forgotten and with so many Arab children under 15 years of age, their needs are addressed. This channel airs original dramas, educational material, cartoons, musical programmes and other shows that capture the attention of young viewers.

Here are a few extracts from letters received:

A mother wrote “My children and I watch SAT7 Kids programmes and we feel blessed”.

 “Your channel is one of the main sources helping me to grow in my Christian faith. I also have a Bible. You are doing a wonderful job in these dark days.”

One young man in North Africa said “To an isolated believer, just to be able to listen to a Christian song on TV is such a treat. When we view SAT7 we can see there are other Arab Christians”.

 “If it were not for SAT7 channel, I would have remained completely ignorant about the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of my life. I only heard about Him through watching your programmes”.

 “I have some information about Jesus but I need to know more. Kindly send me a letter.”

When a teenager's father bought a dish, he started to watch SAT7 and his life started to change for the better.

One viewer made contact saying “I have some information about Christianity which is not accurate. I want to dig a bit deeper and find the truth for myself”.

An Arab woman from Northern Europe wrote, “SAT7’s programmes are excellent. I watch them day & night. I badly need this ministry to stop me thinking about suicide since I used to practise witchcraft for a long time”.

“Please pray that we may see a growing church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in its Christian faith and witness, serving the community to the good of society and culture”.

(Adapted from SAT7 publications and website)



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