Ireland Outreach International

Ireland Outreach International is a non-denominational missionary fellowship organization that works with local churches and has the aim of reaching people with the Gospel.

Ireland Outreach International has a number of mission activities including summer teams and short term opportunities to train in evangelism in the greater Dublin area. They also have a developing international ministry and are involved in the running of the Emmaus Bible School study courses.

The Haven of Hope, located in Nigeria, is the central distribution point for the Emmaus Bible Centres Mission and other Christian literature materials. It has grown to include the Hope Academy Schools, the Hope Bible College, the Hope Agricultural School, and the Hope Medical Clinic. The Hope Academy School has 30 salaried teachers teaching at all levels pre-primary, primary, and secondary. The Christian teachers have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of their pupils.  The 640 children enrolled at the school have a great enthusiasm to learn. The Academy is also used for graduation ceremonies held when the Emmaus Bible students have completed their courses.

The Education Ministry had threatened to close the academy if they did not register and build a new school facility. More land was recently purchased (10 acres) and new buildings were constructed in April, May and June last year. Fortunately the building was complete up to the 2nd floor level before the rains came in July.  Most of the hard work digging the footings and foundations was done by hand.

The Mission is also engaged in the drilling of fresh water wells in Nigeria. Fresh drinking water is a precious commodity in Nigeria and many are without it. Often in villages with no well water is scooped up from roadside mud holes with all the attendant health problems. The Water Well Drilling project brings life-giving clean water to many who desperately need it while bringing them the life-giving good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before a drilling rig was used workers had to hack their way down through the ground down often to a depth of 400 feet. It is very easy for the shafts to collapse and kill the workers. So far over 80 wells have been drilled.

Pray for Ireland Outreach.

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