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 Open Doors serve persecuted Christians by providing Bibles, Christian literature, training, and practical support. They are the largest outreach to persecuted Christians worldwide. 

Open doors started when its founder Brother Andrew started smuggling Bibles into Eastern Europe 55 years ago. Interestingly the title ‘Brother’ was given to him by the persecuted church. He is an ordained minister, his parish is the world. Now in his 80’s Brother Andrew lives in the Netherlands and continues to minister to the persecuted church. “I don’t believe in retirement. You can retire from your official job but never from your mission in life” (Open Doors Sept 2012). He is a humble, gracious man who gives all the Glory to God and wants none for himself. 

The work of this organisation is dependant on the prayers of Christians. They provide a monthly prayer guide which informs of areas to pray for. This guide opens your eyes to the needs of believers through testimonies of Christians who are being persecuted and from those who are helping our persecuted brothers and sisters. It is very encouraging to see how prayers are answered. Examples are given of “strangers” appearing inside a prison bringing words of comfort.  The miraculous healing of a prisoner from a serious kidney complaint. Words of encouragement received from a wife coping after the death of her husband she writes, “Only your prayers have sustained me”. These are just a few examples. 

Writing letters and post cards is another way to get involved. Open Doors give helpful advice on how you can do this.  One prisoner received encouragement, in just one year he had received 13,425 postcards from believers around the world. Another writes “these letters are precious to me I have drawn much comfort from the love and care expressed”. “I am happy to know that people are praying for me and that now I do not feel alone” 

Open Doors is a charity and is reliant on financial support from Christians. They do not have a problem with asking for finance siting several Biblical passages where Christians asked believers for aid. The Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 8 v 13-15, asked for money. Exodus 35 v5 was where God instructed Moses to ask the Israelites for materials, labour and to take an offering . Also King David asked for help because all his wealth was not enough, 1 Chronicles 29 1-5. You may like to sponsor a child, give regularly or give a one-off donation.

More Information can be seen by visiting If this is not your preferred method of receiving information then see Janet Baines.


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