GNBA (Good News Broadcasting Association) is a producer of Bible focused radio programmes, which are broadcast throughout the UK and worldwide. The aim of GNBA is to encourage people to develop a meaningful, personal relationship with the living God by providing material which will promote healthy thinking, faith, worship and action. In 1939 just before World War II Theodore Epp told a radio station manager "We have something from the heart - we would like to present it to the people." A programme called 'Back to the Bible' began to be established. In 1954 Gilbert Vinden (an ex-missionary to China) coordinated the broadcasts of Dr. Epp’s Bible teaching on Radio Monte Carlo from an office in Reading in the UK. In the 1970’s Gilbert was succeeded as UK Director by Ninian Lowis and then David Oram. The UK ministry was known as ‘Back to the Bible Broadcast’. In 1988 GBNA relocated to a rented unit in Bawtry, with a studio with a linked printing works. In 1995 Sam Gordon took over as Director. He moved on later to work with Trans World Radio and in 1999 Nick Thompson was appointed as Director. In 2000 ‘Guest’ broadcasters were invited to speak on the main radio programmes.  Dr Derek Stringer has been the National Director and radio 'voice' of Good News Broadcasting UK since 2004. Dr Stringer can be heard on Word Alive, Back to the Bible, Bible Focus, Thought for the Day, Just a Minute, Something to Think About and Straight Talking. A legacy permitted the ministry to buy its own premises and create a purpose built recording studio. The Ranskill building was occupied in January 2006. The remaining designated ‘legacy’ money is enabling them to build an extension to include an editing suite and rooms for the expanding ministry. From Ranskill, GNBA continue to make radio programmes lasting from 1 to 45 minutes, which are now listened to in approximately 150 countries. The ministry has expanded to cover many parts of the world. GNBA supply Bible teaching programmes to stations in the UK and the Irish Republic, Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Spain and Malta. GNBA can be heard throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Israel and the Middle East, with some listeners in Asia and further afield able to respond. Books are published and the demand for free email message transcripts is growing rapidly.

Here are four comments received by GNBA from Africa.

From Burundi:

“I have been listening since 2008 and ever since my faith was built up by the different teachings I found relevant to my daily life.”                                                             

From Congo Bukaru:

“One thing about these GNBA programmes is that they are inspiring and refresh ones hope when he is in despair. To tell you the truth listening always renews my hope.”

More from Bukkaru: 

“I do all I can not to miss GNBA programmes on Radio Sauti. I live in an area where one goes to sleep and really doesn’t know if he or she will wake up alive the next day. Your teaching has touched my heart and made me thankful to God. He has been merciful to my family and me.”

From Uganda (Western Province)

“It’s great to have GNBA programs on Radio Kinoni. Today’s Bible Focus on Paul’s letter to Ephesians blew my mind. I have heard many teaching on this letter by local pastors but this is the first time I understand what it is all about.”


Continue to pray for GNBA and its staff and the reach of its programmes

Where to listen :

Premier Christian Radio 1305MW, FV 725, Sky 0123

National coverage on DAB, MW, Sky, Freeview

Revival FM 100.8 FM

Community Radio covering Central Scotland

RSC: Radio Star Country 981 MW

Popular station based in Eire broadcasts to Northern Ireland

TWR: TransWorld Radio Sky 0138, Freesat 790, DAB

TransWorld Radio on Sky Digital and DAB in the Northwest of England 


Hope FM 90.1 FM

Community Radio covering Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch  


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