UFM Worldwide

UFM is an organisation working in many countries including Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Moldova, Albania and the new country of Kosovo.

In the summer last year, teams of young people went out to assist UFM workers. Young people from churches in Spain worked with a church near Peja in Kosovo on projects including the removal of floor boards during building renovation in the local school and cleaning gardens in a hospital. The testimonies of people who had lived through the hardships and cruelty of the war and then been transformed by the saving power of the gospel had a great impact on the team.

The team moved onto spend a week in Albania and were based at the church in Lushnje and again did cleaning and tidying work in parks and beaches but the best experience was sharing the gospel with people. Working through interpreters the team were able to touch the lives of 70 children a day though games, songs, Bible verses and Bible stories. Both Kosovo and Albania are gradually being rebuilt after the conflict of previous years. Pray for the young team that went and pray for the believers in Albania and Kosovo.

Another team went out from the UK to Brazil. 14 young people enjoyed a time of blessing and challenge as testimonies were translated to the street children in Belem. Lynne Mcleavy took the team to the flowers estate at Benevides where families scrape a living on the rubbish dumps. In the mornings food and clothes were distributed to needy families and in the afternoons children gathered at Lynne’s house for face painting, games and Bible teaching. In Sao Pedro they helped lay out a volley ball pitch for the new church plant. Again the team were moved by the people and activities they had been involved in, one described it as ‘priceless’!

Moldovan Christians had a visit from a Welsh team from Cardiff. This was a very practical time with digging ditches, fitting pipes, uprooting and pruning trees. With Moldovan Christians the team visited a large closed institution every morning for the second week with a programme of singing, Bible messages sports and craft activities. The people who went have been left with a powerful impression of the love and fervour of Moldovan Christians.

UFM seeks to take the unique message of Jesus to many different people and cultures, sometimes that does not need to be abroad. We can greet newcomers and share that we are followers of Jesus and show how this makes a difference in our lives. Its not what He demands from us but what He has done for us and freely gives.

Pray that the Lord will bless His work that is done by UFM.



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