New Tribes Mission exists to assist the ministry of the local church through the mobilising, equipping and coordinating of missionaries to evangelise unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures, and see indigenous New Testament churches established that truly glorify God.

Eleven years ago a new NTM European Training Centre was opened at North Cotes in Lincolnshire (previously the Bible College was sited at Cromford in Derbyshire but there was no possibility for further expansion). God had answered prayer in guiding the leadership to the property at North Cotes (a former RAF base) and amazingly provided the finance to purchase it. 

There are three main courses: Biblical Studies, Cross Cultural Communications and Applied Linguistics

The students of the last 11 years have been from 22 nationalities and have gone on to work in 19 different countries. Some enter the training course knowing that God has called them to work in a specific country; others are not sure until the training is completed.

After successfully completing the training graduates are appointed as members of NTM.  However, this is the beginning of a partnership between NTM, the newly appointed missionary and their sending church. This partnership enables local churches to fulfill their responsibility to go into all the world with the Gospel and the new missionaries to follow the burden placed on their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Once an adequate partnership team is developed, the missionary can make arrangements to head to the field.  Amid the excitement, there is the sobering reality of parting with friends and family for many years. Adjusting to a different culture, learning a trade language and building up relationships is the first step on arrival on the field.

Moving into a tribe is done after surveys and an invitation from the tribal leaders. Relationship and discipleship are key from day one, even when communication is only through the trade language. Missionaries’ lives are the “letter seen and read by all men”. Once the missionaries have moved in the task of formal culture and language acquisition begins which could take two to three years, eight hours a day minimum. Relationships again are key to gain trust and access to cultural stories that will give essential background for the presentation of the gospel later on.           

Other graduates go on to be involved in support roles in the UK or abroad, which may involve bookkeeping, painting and decorating, teaching or improving an airstrip!

NewTribes Mission aims to make the training they offer as effective as possible, and continue to develop it

To quote a recent graduate: “from country to country, culture to culture and language to language around the world and back again our God remains the same”.            

Pray that God would supply students to be equipped to take the Gospel to unreached people groups and for wisdom for the teachers to give them the best training possible. Currently the Training Centre is working through a Government accreditation process. Continue to pray as this accreditation is vital for non-European students to be able to apply for visas to start their training at North Cotes this September.






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