About 10 years ago we in Arab World Ministries were struggling to raise our support, and money for ministry was very tight. Then some brave Christians, led by Terrence Ascott, had the vision to broadcast Christian programmes on Satellite TV to ‘Christians in the Middle East’ (of course many Arab Muslims are curious so they watched as well!). I was very sceptical as it cost a lot of money to broadcast 2 hours a week on Friday’s (the weekend). But God provided and I sat watching the Bible taught in Arabic on a Satellite TV in North Africa!

 There are now 3 channels everyday. One is in Modern Standard Arabic for the Middle East and North Africa; one is in Farsi for Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan with some Turkish programmes. The 3rd is a kids channel watched by children, teenagers and their parents. Many respond by email, mobile phones and text messages.

The programmes are sponsored by Arab Evangelical churches, Coptic Orthodox churches, and many missions. The speakers and ‘actors’ are all nationals so this appeals to the audiences. The ‘Jesus video’ has been shown at Christmas and Easter and watched by many. God is using this expensive means of reaching numbers who are searching for the Truth.

Lois Morriss



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