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WEC International has always been a pioneer mission – sharing Jesus across cultural barriers where he’s least known. In 1913, Charles Thomas Studd, the England cricketer who had already served Christ in China and India, felt God calling him to pioneer a new mission. Passionate to see Africans worshipping Christ, this 53-year-old man of suspect health set sail for the heart of Africa. During the journey God told CT that his trip would not be just for Africa, but for the whole world. God kept His word. Before his death teams of missionaries had joined WEC to work in Central and West Africa, Amazonia, the Middle East and the Himalayan region.  Each decade has brought fresh challenges and new opportunities for the Gospel.


One of the ministries connected to WEC is the SOON Ministries, an evangelistic paper in four languages for Africa and Asia. These papers are single-page magazine-style with articles, Bible stories and personal testimonies. Languages are: easy-English, French, Swahili, and Fulani dialects for West Africa.  The SOON paper is printed every three months. It is available free by world-wide direct mail distribution. Six million copies a year are posted overseas.


Below is a short description of the SOON ministry:


Why is SOON published?


Quite easy – we have found something good, and we want to share it. It has often been said that Christianity is one beggar telling others where to find bread. We do not claim to be better than anyone else. In fact, the starting point for us has been to realise just how bad and helpless we are.


We have found that there is a real God who cares for each of us - more than we can put into words. He is not a far-off God ‘out there’, a hard God just waiting for a chance to punish us. Neither is He a God who can be impressed by anything we do. We cannot earn favour from Him by doing good things or following religious practices. Everything He offers us is free. Nothing He gives us is earned or deserved. And what He wants for us is quite mind-blowing. He can change us and set us free to be the real people we always wanted to be.


What do we believe?


We are ‘inter-denominational’ – SOON Ministries does not belong to any particular church grouping or denomination. So we are not trying to “recruit members” for any church. We have friends and supporters in all the main Christian church groups.


We are ‘evangelical’. That means we believe that God has a message for the world today in the Bible - and that the Bible contains everything we need to know about God and life. And we believe it is possible to find God and know Him as a personal friend and helper.


At the same time, we do not preach at you. We respect your own beliefs, culture and background. But we hope our pages will cause you to think about some of the most important questions in life.


Here are some of the SOON readers responses.


Zambia “As for me ever since I started studying the SOON Bible course my life has never been the same again .Things which were impossible to me have become possible because I have learnt to trust God and with God all things are possible”

Pakistan “I usually translate SOON into the Urdu language and distribute it among the people. The stories have a great effect on the lives of the people and I am seeing revival”

Kenya “I have received recent copies of the SOON magazine and cassette. What comes of it are blessings! Ten people were saved through the tape in one of our crusades”

Zambia “Greetings from the International Bible Baptist Deaf Ministries

“I want to continue receiving SOON and to continue studying the Bible”

Madagascar “I write to thank you for the past three issues of SOON magazines sent to me. I use the stories for reading and comprehension exercises as well as pointing the students to Christ”

Nigeria “When I was going home from school, at the school gate I saw a paper on the ground. I decided to pick it up. All the topics were interesting to me and I decided to write to SOON for more copies. I want to make up my mind to change from Muslim to Christian.


Recent post on the SOON Facebook page: “Oh, I love reading SOON magazine, I started receiving SOON since 1998. I don’t even know who could be so kind to request a SOON magazine for me ... and the TESTIMONIES mmmhhh, I LOVE IT!” (Ghana)


Pray for this ministry!


(Information source, and published material).



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