OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) International began life as the ‘China Inland Mission’, established in 1865 by James Hudson Taylor, to work in China. At its peak in 1939 the CIM had over 1300 missionaries, by which time almost 200,000 Chinese and minority people had been baptised. 10 years later, however, the Communists took over China and the workers began their reluctant exodus.


Today, this international, interdenominational, cross-cultural, Christ-centred, faith mission serves throughout East Asia and wherever they live, out of obedience to God’s word, love for the people and jealousy for God’s glory. The 1300 workers are committed to sharing the gospel, planting churches, teaching the Bible, helping the needy and working in partnership with East Asia’s Church. OMF, through God’s grace aim to see an indigenous, biblical church planting movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelising their own people and reaching out in mission to others.

The opportunities for sharing the gospel amongst East Asia’s two billion people are endless. There’s an interest in spiritual things and a hunger that won’t go away.

At a time when East Asia continues to make its incredible impact on the world, so the gospel is beginning to make an extraordinary impact on Asia. Throughout the entire region people are turning to Christ. In places like China, Mongolia and Cambodia, the Church is growing rapidly. In others like Taiwan, Japan and Thailand, God is definitely on the move – though progress is less spectacular.


OMF work amongst Buddhist monks in Inner Mongolia, committed Christians from Muslim backgrounds, tribal peoples in the Philippines, Taiwanese factory workers, Cambodian civil servants, Japanese skateboarders, Chinese students, Thai street kids, and many others, in remote jungles and villages, towns and teeming mega-cities, slums and universities.


However more workers are needed, whether short-term or long, people are needed who are willing to take part in a life-changing adventure that will help transform East Asian lives for eternity.

Who do we need?

Called, creative, committed Christians willing to make a difference in a variety of imaginative and innovative ways by going to some of the most challenging and dynamic countries on earth.

Workers willing to invest their passion and prayer, time and integrity into making disciples and planting churches, who can learn the language and culture of East Asia’s peoples, identify closely with them and live out the gospel in a way they can grasp.

What do we need?

In countries which welcome Bible teachers and evangelists, we need church planters, theology teachers, evangelists, student workers, Bible translators and literature producers for countries like Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

People who can work alongside East Asian believers, plant churches, translate Scripture, work with students, produce Christian materials, and help the homeless, the helpless, the sick and unemployed.

In countries where overt evangelism is frowned upon, we need Christians with the right professional skills, and a dedication to bringing their witness to the workplace. We can help place teachers, business people, researchers, administrators, lecturers, computer experts, engineers, scientists, development, relief and healthcare workers (and many more) throughout China and East Asia.

We also need behind-the-scenes workers. IT personnel to run our offices and systems, doctors to act as medical advisers, accountants, administrators, teachers and dorm parents to look after our workers’ children, and staff to run mission guest houses in places like Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Not keen on hot weather, learning new languages or long flights?

OMF also needs people who can offer their skills as part-time volunteers, helping out at events, producing media, giving admin support to OMF in the UK, or working with our UK Diaspora team to reach the thousands of East Asians coming to Scotland, England and Ireland to work and study each year.


The opportunities are immense. Whatever your age or calling – whether you’ve just left school or have just retired, whether you can give a few weeks, a year or a lifetime – there are plenty of ways to serve Christ in East Asia.

Whether you go, pray or stay, we can help you make a difference to the peoples of East Asia. Join us!

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