John & Jeanie


 John and Jeanie Fennell have served with Christar for 25 years amongst the Gujarati people. They are now leaving the organisation, and England and will be moving back to the States and into a different type of ministry. As a church we have supported Christar as a mission organisation whilst John and Jeanie, Mike and Trudy, and Oliver and Linda have all been part of our fellowship. The ministry in Leicester will continue with the two remaining team members Paul and Alice Ryon.

John and Jeanie have played a valuable part in the ministry in Leicester and Loughborough as they have shared the Gospel and befriended many Gujarati people whom have truly appreciated their genuine friendship, support and love, all the while their lives reflecting Christ. They will be missed.


A message from John and Jeanie:

"We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support for our family, and the ministry of Christar to the Gujarati community in Leicestershire. You have been a part of our lives soon after our arrival in 1984 when we first met Mohan and Annette and Pravin and Bindu and daughters and they introduced us to dear Rob and Lorna Briars and the rest of the church. Thank you for the love you showed to our co-workers Dale and Vollie Grover in the lovely going away party you had for them in the 1990s. And the continuing interest you show in co-workers Mike and Trudy Newell in their new ministry in Georgia, USA and Oliver and Linda Williams working in the home office of Christar in Pennsylvania.

Thank you so much for hosting the many summer teams from the USA and Canada…for being there in 1997 and again in 2001 in prayer and support in many practical and loving ways when John had his brain tumour operations. I will never forget Rob turning an old wardrobe into a private WC when John came home from the hospital in a wheelchair unable to climb the stairs. We have fond memories of church outings to Chester, Derbyshire, and White Post Farm getting to know everyone better. And thank you for the International Meals in the 1990s and early 2000+ when Betty and Sandra and many others helped cater to our vegetarian Gujarati friends and several of you came to the meals to get to know them. Thank you for coming to our daughter Debee’s wedding to Judah Ebenezer in 1997… for supporting our daughter Emily during her two years on the mvDoulos floating book ship 2005-2006 and the monthly prayer meeting for her and the many letters sent to her by many from Carley. 

   Thank you for celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with us back in 2003… thank you for the many times you have given financial gifts, prayed for us, invited us into your homes for meals, and invited John to preach. Thank you for putting up with me being part of the music team in 2005. Everyone at Carley has reached out to us in many ways over the years and we will always remember your acts of kindness. I would like to mention all your names but I am afraid I would leave out someone important as all of you have been so sweet to us over the years and we will always remember you in our hearts as we leave England on May 5th, 2009 to begin a new ministry in the USA. Thank you... Thank you... THANK YOU!!!

We would like to invite you to an 'Open House' that our daughters Debee & Emily are hosting for us at our home in Loughborough on Sunday 19th April 2.00 - 5.00pm.

I am so glad that as believers we never have to say goodbye, only 'see you later' as we will meet again someday where we wil forever be with our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


 Love in Christ,

Jeanie and John


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