From towering cities to remote villages, God is using TWR to lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship. It’s a never-ending, life-changing ministry, and it’s taking place this very moment around the globe.

History: TWR was founded on February 11, 1952, as a non-profit organization for the mass communication of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Burdened for the people of Spain, TWR founder Dr. Paul E. Freed realized that radio would be ideal to reach those in that spiritually needy land. He discovered an open door to establish a missionary radio station in Tangier, Morocco. Spain is directly across the Strait of Gibraltar.

The first “Voice of Tangier” broadcast aired over a 2,500-watt transmitter on February 22, 1954. Programming began in two languages, Spanish and English. By January 1956, the station expanded by broadcasting to 40 countries in more than 20 languages.

In 1960 TWR moved across the Strait of Gibraltar to Monte Carlo into a facility built by Hitler to broadcast Nazi propaganda during World War II, now used to broadcast the Gospel across Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

TWR-UK opened its office in the UK in 1964, and now broadcasts nationally on the satellite channel 0138, Freesat 790, the internet, short and medium wave and throughout the North West of England on DAB digital radio.

The story of TWR continues every day, as the ministry offers solid Biblical truth in more than 200 languages and dialects and engages millions in 160 counties.

Trans World Radio Today: Radio is unique in its ability to cross geographical, economic and social barriers and is the most efficient, inexpensive and instant way of communicating with the greatest percentage of the world’s population.

Radio reaches those affected by disasters: Following the earthquake in Haiti earlier this year, Trans World Radio partnered with a local radio station in Port-au-Prince to provide programmes of hope and comfort amidst the devastation. While roads were blocked and neither people nor supplies were getting through, TWR could broadcast news updates, public announcements and messages of support to survivors.

Radio reaches those who are persecuted: In closed countries where missionaries are not welcome, radio provides the opportunity for people to hear and respond to the Gospel. In some areas, poverty and other circumstances can mean radios and batteries are not available, so TWR distributes these amongst villages. TWR’s Radio Church Kit project began in 1994 as a way of supplying a radio, Bible and study books to the fledgling church there. TWR has now supplied more than 100,000 kits amongst individuals and groups across China.

Radio reaches the un-reached: Two-thirds of all people in the world are oral communicators, meaning they can’t, don’t or won’t learn through literate means. Instead they communicate through stories, poetry, music, and dance.  Ministering to these cultures is more than just bringing them the Bible in their own language – it needs to be brought in a culturally appropriate way they will find familiar. TWR produces drama and compelling narratives to share the Gospel in much the same way as Jesus taught through His parables. 


·       Broadcasting on digital radio has allowed us to reach a new audience throughout the North West of England, please pray for hearts to be changed as our programmes reach many more listeners throughout this region.

·       Internationally, TWR broadcasts in over 200 languages and dialects. Please pray for the translators and programme makers who seek to reach communities and people-groups who may have never heard the Gospel before.

·       TWR is committed in reaching countries which may be closed to the Gospel. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over staff members who distribute radios throughout remote and dangerous regions, making themselves vulnerable by sharing their faith with others.


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