FEBA is a Christian charity which enables the broadcasting of radio programmes to address people's physical and spiritual needs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

2009 is an anniversary year. In 1959 - 50 years ago, a small British group of supporters of the Far East Broadcasting Company, an American missionary radio station, took up the challenge to broadcast to India from the Seychelles. In 1970 regular broadcasts began, six hours a day in nine different languages.

FEBA has also been working in Zimbabwe for 25 years. A thanksgiving service was held in July, attended by staff, listeners and people from the community.

Wherever possible the programmes are produced by Christian nationals who share the same culture as their audience, and appreciate the same values and traditions. The content may inclued: Bible teaching, Testimony, Drama and song, Family issues, Healthcare and Agriculture topics. In Bangladesh a programme called House of Peace (Shantir Gor) can be heard. This includes singing the Bible.

Programmes reach some of the most troubled areas of the world. A new FM station has recently been licensed in southern Sudan, FEBA staff travelled to Sudan to install studio equipment and provide training in July this year. Pray that this will soon be broadcasting.

Often small local radio stations are used in local Partnerships. Training is given in the technical aspects of radio and programme production. This may involve Government and relief workers so that the station may be used to help if a disaster or local emergency occurs.

In Nepal two community radio stations were set up and many listeners have responded including the Local Health and Education officers. Infact so many responses were received a new post box was needed. Also, Nepal with its mountains causes some logistical problems - for example trying to get generator fuel up a 50 minute vertical climb!

Pray that listeners will respond to the Good News. Pray for people who turn to Christianity after hearing of the loving God of the Bible, some people suffer a cost of social isolation.

Pray that producers will share the Gospel with integrity and sincerity.

Pray for follow up teams who visit after listeners respond sometimes in remote places.

(Adapted from FEBA magazine and the FEBA website)  


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