Christian Blind Mission 

This year sees the Anniversary of 100 years of service giving sight and a new life to many people who live where poverty is rife and  medication is expensive or possibly unobtainable.

To be born blind or to lose your sight owing to cataracts forming means folk losing their childhood, livelihood, dignity or even losing their life. CBM is committed to improving the quality of life for people with a disability in the poorest countries of the world. CBM addresses poverty as a cause and consequence of disability and works to create a society for all in Christ’s name. In the last year CBM has been able to provide a Carl Zeiss Microscope to Malawi, 23 Hospital beds to Tanzania, Anaesthetic machines, Ventilator, Pressure alarm and Oxygen Concentrator to Uganda. To Ghana, Nursing Information Books. Jeep vehicle to Tanzania. Various medical supplies to Nigeria. Other projects in Asia, Africa & South and Central America.

- Twenty six year old Norgidoipi in Kenya has a Trachoma infection, so does her mother. When flies land on their faces they spread the disease from person to person. They are receiving Tetracycline eye ointment to save their sight.

- Akimu, a little girl in  Malawi has a delay in development after contracting severe Cerebral malaria when she was just one year old. CBM has been able to provide medication, care and therapy, time and patience. Akimu can now speak clearly and walk without support. Very soon she will be able to interact with other children of her age.

- Marie, a cataract patient in Madagascar says “I cannot believe that after 54 years I am free again, I have the best vision I have ever had in my life. Glory to God”.

- Haju a 9 year old boy was injured by a land mine 3 months before he came to the Christian Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. His mother is a widow and she needs him to be able to see. If he cannot go to school he’ll miss out on so much in life.

Prayer and practical help is given freely by the Christian Blind Mission. With your help, it will be able to continue.

(Adapted from CBM literature)



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