Slavic Gospel Association

The Slavic Gospel Association is a global, non-denominational, conservative Evangelical Missionary Agency, founded in 1934 by Peter Deyneka, a Russian emigrant to the USA, with a deep concern for the spiritual well-being of his compatriots wherever they were to be found. In 1950 the British council was formed with work centred among the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe who found themselves as refugees in the displaced persons camps of Austria. The work was mainly a relief organisation and servicing Mission. Vehicles were packed with food, clothing, and other necessities, as well as Bibles and Christian literature and driven overland to camps in various locations.

From Austria, SGA moved into the former Communist controlled Eastern Bloc and initially engaged in a ministry of encouragement and support for Slavic believers. SGA workers faced many difficulties and dangers in making their way through the Iron Curtain. However, these were nothing compared to the suffering experienced by believers in those countries for remaining true to Christ.

During the 1970s SGA (UK) began to develop a more focused ministry through responding to specific requests from Eastern European church leaders. The major change was to answer requests for Biblical leadership training and equipping of national believers who were working among their own peoples. This programme began in small groups meeting secretly in homes or in forest and mountain locations away from the prying eyes of the secret police. Other believers heard about these Bible studies and invited SGA teams to their areas.

Following the dramatic fall of Communism in 1989, at the request of the national leaders, the Bible teaching ministry was enlarged and accelerated and today is the core of SGA’s work from the UK. The Biblical leadership school (13) equips pastors and believers to reach their own people with the Gospel. The aim is not to have national believers dependent on western Christians, it is to see them grow so that they will be able to do the work of ministry themselves. This is exactly what is happening with the Mission School in Biscke Hungary. Two satellite schools have been set up in different parts of the country. In Moldova one pastor cycles the 25 mile round trip each day on a bicycle to attend lectures. This means during each session he is cycling over 250 miles in all weathers in order to be trained for the work of the Gospel. Please pray that God will honour his commitment and bless him as he seeks to fulfil the work to which God has called him.

Christian Literature! A spiritual heritage they don’t have! One of the other ways in which SGA is working is in the translation of Christian books. In Romania SGA are sponsoring the publication of two books: ‘The Message of the Old Testament’ and ‘The Message of the New Testament’. In Hungary The translation of Bruce Milne’s book ‘Know The Truth’ will meet a great need giving a clear, sensible and fruitful overview of basic Christian belief. In Poland ‘Basics For Believers’ is Don Carson’s popular commentary on the book of Philippians. He explains the Gospel and its implications for Christian living in a clear, memorable and practical way without ever being simplistic. In Ukraine over recent years God has blessed the evangelical churches in remarkable ways. An extensive church planting programme has resulted in many new congregations being established in areas where previously there was no Gospel witness. In order for those congregations to continue to grow the training and equipping of church leaders is crucial. Derek Tidball’s book ‘Skilfull Shepherds’ is designed to help pastors/elders understand their Biblical role and to enable them to recognize what is important in their ministries and prioritize accordingly.

Pray that God will use these books to strengthen His people as they come to a greater understanding of His Word. Pray for the work and vision of the Slavic Gospel Association

(Material taken from SGA website and published literature)



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