Asia Link is a Christian mission agency connecting churches with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia.

“We firmly believe that God wants churches around the world to work alongside Him in fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to see God glorified among all peoples and a critical feature of our work is the investment we make in these congregations to awaken and encourage this vision.” 

Asia Link encourages national Christians to share their faith through the ‘Beautiful Feet’ project. As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” (Romans 10:15) 

The Beautiful Feet project places effective, trained and passionate evangelists into the remaining unreached corners of Asia.  Beautiful Feet is a name that best expresses the unfettered joy the Gospel can bring to billions wrapped in unbelief. “Feet” are at work among the Uighurs in China, the Karen in Burma and the Pashtun in Afghanistan. Others serve in Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. And then there are the North Koreans, those hard-pressed believers being purified in ways few of us could withstand. They are risk-takers who care little for their own lives but go out for the glory of God. 

 Jeremiah, a worker supported by the Beautiful Feet project, works serving in hospitals and prisons by visiting and caring for the inmates. At one hospital a family was being broken by watching their father die of cancer. Jeremiah was able to bring the message of eternal hope into the situation. The sick man died in peace. The family saw the difference the Lord had made and when they returned to their village they began to share the answer that is in Christ. The family themselves have now brought almost 50 people to Christ and have allowed their home to be used as a meeting place so that Gods Word can be preached. Jeremiah asks for prayer to see many more come to the Lord in the hospitals, prisons and among patient’s families. 

Some pointers for prayer: Thank the Lord for the growing number of national workers; Pray they will maintain a clear Christian witness in whatever culture and language they find themselves; Pray that there will be believers in every tribe and language group 

(Information from asialink magazine and


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