Christian Witness to Israel 

This mission, commonly referred to by the initials CWI has its UK headquarters in Sevenoaks, Kent but operates world-wide in various other countries including Israel.

During this year they have mounted exciting opportunities in both spring and summer, with special outreach projects in London, co-operating with other Jewish mission organisations. In the summer period many Jewish people visit the UK as tourists along with young men and women street selling goods manufactured in Israel, like Dead Sea beauty preparations and jewellery. Some of these also seek to trade in the north of England.

In Israel itself, the mission’s most important effort with the biggest potential is the printing & publication of The Children's Illustrated Bible. This is an expensive exercise as it is of the top quality and will cost £15 for each copy. 

A Web site is operated on a daily basis for questions to be answered and queries resolved after the many ‘hits’ which are growing daily.  

Like many missionary societies, CWI has had a reduction in income over the last two years but new workers are coming forward and they must be out in the various cities where Jews gather and live.  

Jewish people are continuing to return to, or emigrate to Israel itself in large numbers, so in the years to come more focus will be in raising evangelists and church leaders in the Holy Land. Unbelieving Jews are purchasing the Bible in Israel along with many being supplied free of charge from the United Kingdom.

It is becoming clear that a number of Jewish young people are involved with new-age ideas and practices, among them, well known ‘stars’, so a new area of operations are opening up amongst these who are often found at many music festivals. New people will need to be recruited to reach out to these folk in the Lord’s name.

In scripture we are told over & over again of God’s love for his people Israel and his future plans for them, so we  must love them too and pray for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in the days to come.



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