‘The Prophetic Scriptures in both the Old and New Covenants’  An omission was made to the above article in the January to March magazine, insofar as the names of Chris Baines, Joel Geyer, Mohan Shah and Steve Hardy as co-signatures to John Wheeler were omitted.


 www.biblegateway.com is the online Bible which works as a concordance. It enables you find passages using their search engine and is particularly useful for finding verses about something specific. Next time you are looking for something in your Bible but can’t quite find it, try Biblegateway.



Children’s worker for Jets!

After 33 years of being involved in Sonshine Hour / Jets, David Harrington will no longer continue to help with the club after July. This means that the Jets team will be without a male leader, a minibus driver, and a pianist! If you, or if you know anyone who could meet any of these needs and may be interested in joining the team please see one of the deacons.


Joyce and Norman want to thank Christian friends and the Carley Fellowship for all the cards, flowers, phone calls, enquiries and especially the prayers which have been most instrumental in Joyce’s recovery and given strength during her time in hospital. We have known our Lord being by our side more than ever these past few weeks.

Yours in Christ, Norman and Joyce Pyne


 In the December 2008 magazine, an article on the Poland Evangelical Church featured a request for funds to help complete the renovation to their church head office building. As a church we have been able to send £850 from gifts and the Home and Overseas Fund .


We have received a note from Constance Pyne on behalf of the Gideon's, thanking those folk at Carley who regularly donate phials of coins, to be used for purchasing Bibles for Hospitals, Universities and Schools, both locally and wherever an opportunity presents itself.



Thank you from Samaritan's Purse

Because of a simple act of kindness in packing a gift filled shoe box, somewhere in the world an underprivileged child knows they are not forgotten.

This is just the experience of two sisters, Merita and Sylvia. Two year old Merita started jumping and running around, when she saw volunteers approaching her with a shoe box. She lives with her parents and eleven year old sister Sylvia, in a Roma Gypsy camp on the edge of a rubbish tip in Bar, Montenegro. The two girls are not able to attend school and never receive presents, so this day was a very special day indeed! Merita loves playing ball games with other children in the camp, so imagine her excitement as she pulled out a small ball from her shoe box along with a pair of sunglasses, which she proudly wore the rest of the day. Sylvia loved the scarf she was given and smiled, saying "Thank you very much for sending presents. Thank you for remembering us".

To learn more and read inspiring stories like this, visit: www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/stories


 Daniel Geyer

Once again we would like to thank you for all your prayers and support.

 Much has developed in the last couple of months. On March 19th Daniel received an official diagnosis of Classical Autism from the Paediatrician. Autism is a complex development disorder and children with this condition have difficulties in three main areas:

- Social interaction

- All aspects of communication - verbal and non-verbal

- Rigidity of thinking and lack of imagination

Children with autism also show some unusual repetitive mannerisms. When a child with autism is identified, it is the overall pattern of behaviour and difficulties which is considered, rather than any one feature on its own.

Come 21st April, Daniel has been given a placement at a special needs nursery in Wigston at the Menphys Centre. He will be in the Ladybird room which is a special unit that focuses on children with autism. This will start off as 2 full days a week which will increase to 3 full days a week in September.

Daniel has also received speech therapy and occupational therapy but this will transfer to the Menphys Centre in April.

Helping a child with autism can be very demanding and progress may be slow and limited. However Daniel has received diagnosis early and is getting the relevant support – early diagnosis is essential if people with autism are to achieve full potential.

All this has implications on Alisha as well because Daniel often gets more attention and leniency. Daniel also ignores her and pushes her out of the way, and doesn’t play with her.

Please pray for us as this is a long-term adventure for all of us.

Joel and Bina Geyer



Traidcraft have just launched their Spring / Summer range. As I read through their catalogue I noticed again the fact that fair trade really has made a difference to so many peoples’ lives, particularly women, and some who are the sole earner in their extended family.

As Traidcraft celebrates their 30th anniversary this year they can tell how fairtrade has benefited not just three generations of one family, but all of their community; Firoza Begum, whose regular income from fairly paid work at Jute Works in Bangladesh meant her daughter Nargis was the first girl amongst group members to attend school. Nargis gained a degree, which she knows would have been impossible without her mother’s income. This in turn has benefited their community as Nargis returned to their village to set up a school, which now has 6 teachers and 175 pupils. Now, with a young daughter of her own, Nargis wants to continue to live in her community.




 Friday 3rd April and Friday 8th May at Sir John Moore Foundation, Appleby Magna doors opening at 7.00pm and the show beginning at 8.00pm

Tickets are £5 and include a glass of Fairtrade wine or fruit juice and a £2 discount off purchases over £10.

These Fashion shows will give you an opportunity to see some of the new ranges of fair trade clothing this Spring. Again many of the items of clothing will be unique. Nomads entire Silk Collection is made from recycled saris. Small family tailoring groups who receive a ‘sari length’ and carefully cut it to make the beautiful skirts, tunics and camisole tops in a rainbow of colours. Check out www.nomadsclothing.co.uk

Tickets are available from fair2all, 17 The Green, North Street, Ashby or The Hub, Bath Street Corner, Ashby.

Mandy McIntosh – fair2all, 17 The Green, North Street, Ashby


World Vision 24 Hour Famine

choose health choose life

choose to make a differance

10 people from Carley took part in the World Vision 24 Hour Famine on Friday 13th through to Saturday 14th February. This sponsored fast was to raise money for the ‘Jeevan Asha Healthy Highway Programme’ which is a project based in 'the Pink City' of Jaipur, Rajasthan, in India, working on the issue of HIV and AIDS and helping improve the lives of children. Those of us from Xtreme wanted to use this opportunity to do something with an outreach element into St Matthews. We decided to open up the ‘Lounge’ for a couple of hours in the afternoon and give out vouchers for a free drink and cake to people on the estate. This gave us plenty of opportunities to talk to people we met about why we were fasting and were able to direct them to the church. Overall, the café went very well. We had a good number of ‘customers’: children, young people, families, and even two police officers!

The total raised is £459.41                                                                                                                

World Vision was founded by Dr Bob Pierce in the 1950’s in response to the plight of orphans after the Korean War. ‘Korean Orphan Choir’ later toured the world raising funds for the work.

From that small beginning World Vision became global and sends relief still into very many countries, in funding Community Developments and numerous other projects.

It was through their Community Development interest, and their generosity that 30 trained Dani village midwives in the Swart Valley of Irian Jaya were fully equipped for their tasks in delivering babies and providing prophylactic malaria treatments and meeting basic hygiene needs of mothers and babies for several years.

It was also in the Swart Valley in the 1970’s that I had the privileged of meeting Bob Pierce who by that time had passed the baton for World Vision to others and had founded Samaritan’s Purse, which he felt was best designed for his desire to work alongside individuals on a more personal level.

On that occasion he was there with Franklin Graham (and Lillian Dickson of Mustard Seed reputation) – for the inauguration of a new Cessna 206 aircraft gifted to the Mission Aviation Fellowship, by Samaritan’s Purse. Frozen turkeys to all missionary families became an annual Christmas gift for several years after his visit to Irian Jaya!

Even then he was suffering from acute Leukaemia requiring frequent trips back to Singapore whilst on his Far East trips, for blood transfusions. And sadly, but not unexpectedly, he died in 1978.

His desire was ‘that his heart be broken by those things which break the heart of GOD’.

Margaret Crawley



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