We need your prayers

Please continue to pray for the church building. Following assessments and quotations there are number of repairs needed to the church building, in particular the roof, which will cost between £50-60K at today’s prices. At present there is insufficient funds for the work and at current level of giving would mean work couldn't start for 4 - 5 years after which the cost of repairs will be higher and the building structure and roof will continue to deteriorate even further. Much prayer is needed, and we would encourage as many as possible to come and meet for the specific called prayer meetings, not only relating to the financial situation, but more importantly that we may know God's leading and direction in relation to the future of the building and the church.



A Family Fun Day was held on Saturday 23rd October. We hired a bouncy castle, badge making kit, other table-top games and had some craft activities. The morning was bright and sunny that day but then begun to pour down just when we started. But that didn't stop the brave from going out in the rain to hand out flyers and bring in some children! Though we were low in number the children that came still enjoyed themselves.

The café was also opened for the afternoon that day which bought in many people who wanted to escape the rain, so we were able to offer them a hot drink and biscuit.






What is Messy Church you may ask! Joy Hardy and Lydia Baines with the support of the young people are organising a ‘Messy Church Praise Party’ once a month for children in our Sunday School. The session consists of lively singing with actions, a short talk and then the children can make as much mess as they want doing a craft activity linked to a biblical theme! This change to our Sunday School pattern gives the opportunity for our children's’ workers to take part in full Sunday Morning worship and have fellowship around the Communion table. Watch the boards around the church to see what the children are doing in Messy Church! Please pray for this new venture in our Sunday School.




Samaritan’s Purse

Thank you to everyone who brought shoeboxes to church for Operation Christmas Child. Your boxes were taken to Queniborough School where 69 shoeboxes were collected all together. They will be going to Romania this year.





Letter from Joanna, studying at the University of Kent

Dear all :)

Before I start I want to say thank you for all your prayers and letters :D they are so encouraging :) I cant believe that it is nearly Christmas!! I will have been in university for a whole term! What can I say other than I am loving university :) a lot! I feel as though I have really settled in down here and I am beginning to enjoy life! My life is getting busy, I don't think I had a free night at all last week! but that was fine because I spent the time with friends having fun, making cheesecake and playing new card games. God is blessing me so much. In an answer to prayer I have made some really good friends. I am starting to see why God has sent me all the way down here, aside from being independent! He wants me to grow in the faith, to strengthen my faith muscles. Another answer to prayer is that the last week after talking to my lecturer I feel much more confident about speaking in my classes.

Canterbury is such an amazing city, with a huge number of churches, all of different denominations but they work together to provide for the students. I am going to settle at a church called ‘City Church’ which is a New Frontiers church with a large  student population. I just feel so welcomed and part of the family there now that I’ve got to know people. I am part of one of their fresher cell groups (kind of like a Bible study group that meet each week). I am also being discipled by an older student who is a member of the church, its so beneficial and is helping me a lot having someone to talk to about my life :)

I will be returning to Leicester on the 17th December for a whole month! (I love university holidays!)

Thank you once again for your prayers and letters, I appreciate them so much, I don't think I would have managed to get to where I am today without them!

I have a few prayer points:

That I will have more chances to have decent conversations with my corridor mates

That God will show me what He wants me to do with regards to housemates for next year

That I will not be disappointed with my essay results, if they are not what I was expecting

That I will continue to walk with God moving forward, to grow in strength and to pick myself up when I fall down

Hope to see you all soon. Lots of love from Joanna :) xx



Letter from Taurai, studying at the London School of Theology:

Dear Carley,

Hi guys I’m writing to let you know how I’m doing, I’m sorry for taking so long, I’ve just been getting used to university life and not only that but also maintaining my spiritual life.

Life here is good, I’ve made many friends and I’m glad to say that I enjoy studying here. I never thought I’d enjoy work but theology seems to be my exception. I’m seeing more and more of what God wants from me and I can say that I am changing drastically, however whether its for better is something you can decide when you next see me.

If you guys could please pray for me, I need to develop a greater work ethic, and if you could please pray for consistency in my 1 on 1’s with God. I pray for you and lift you up to God.

Grace be with you.

From Taurai



The new tea and coffee outreach, run by Amanda and Beryl, has been positive. The café is open every Tuesday and has seen many people - between 5 and 10, come each week, including some regulars. Please continue to pray for the café, that people will continue to come by and for friendships to be built with people on the estate. Extra help would also be much appreciated. If you are interested and could spare a few hours occasionally, please see Amanda.


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