Please pray for members of our congregation:

John Wheeler - John has been in various hospitals over the last 3 months. He is now at the LRI Ward 21. Subsequent problems with blood flow to his leg have resulted in the amputation of his left leg above the knee.

Please keep John in your prayers during this difficult time and with all the changes that will take place in his life.

Lea Gregson - Lea visited her new flat together with the physio, Occupational Therapist and two representatives from the Pilgrims. There are a number of 'fixtures' that they want in place before this happens, but it looks quite promising for a sooner rather than later move. Please continue to pray for Lea, it's all a bit strange to her.

 Join us for a church picnic with fun and fellowship on Sunday 25th August after the morning service. Weather permitting it will be at Abbey Park, otherwise at church.

Bring your own lunch!

Work on the church roof has started by the company that was recommended. The main church hall is in use again for Sunday worship.

Joshua Taylor

Message from the Taylor family:

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support whilst we were down in Great Ormond Street hospital. The procedure went as planned on Wednesday 17th and we are thankful that Joshua recovered well from the anaesthetic. We were able to come home on the Saturday 20th. We just ask now for wisdom to be given to the doctors as to know the right step to take.


St Matthews Parks Day - Friday 23rd August

Please pray for this opportunity to once again be part of the annual community event. The future of this  annual event is uncertain as government funds for the Contact Project stop. Over the years we have met many people from the community and have been able to talk about Carley. It has been enjoyable also just to serve the community and watch people enjoy themselves. If you have any new ideas on what activities we could offer and/or are available to help on the day please see the deacons.

Harby Faith Mission Camp

Pray for the campers and leaders at camp this year. Lydia and Raph are helpers during the first 2 weeks of camp: Tuesday 23 to Saturday 27 July (9-11years) and Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August (12-14 years). Children from Carley that went are Brandon and Mckenzie Iley, Alisha Geyer, and Benjamin Taylor. Pray that the children will cherish what they learn about Jesus as much as they cherish the fun memories. Pray for the leaders, for wisdom, strength and to be good role models.

A new cafe for international students has been running during summer called 'Talkabout'. It is for those who have arrived early and want to practice their English before their course starts. The initiative stems from helpers of Globe Cafe who prayed for ways to work more closely with the university. As a result, Talkabout started with the full backing of tutors of Leicester University who have been encouraging students to sign up. Over a hundred signed up on the first week! The format of the evening is to spend the time.. talking! There are set topics with questions to ask and answer. For example one week the topic was food and drink. It is hoped that through the friendships made this will link to the Globe Cafe when it starts again in September where there will then be that Christian input. Talkabout runs every Monday evening, 7.30 till 9.30 in Crescent House, opposite Holy Trinity Church. More volunteers are needed so if you could spare an evening to help it would be appreciated. Please see Grace Mistry if you are interested. 

Gone but not forgotten,1823-2013

This 50 page illustrated booklet has been produced to celebrate the church’s  long association in the Wharf Street area of the city. It features just some of the servants of God, who through the years have faithfully worshipped and worked at Carley. ‘Gone but not Forgotten’ is all about the past but showing what a solid foundation the church has to take it into the future.

No charge has been made for these copies but as they cost over £2 to produce, most folk are giving a donation plus postage to cover the cost.

Booklets are available from Pete & Gill Adams, 7 Portloc Drive, Wigston Magna, LE18 2GQ. Tel: 0116 2886239. email:


Pete Adams


‘Gone but not forgotten’ could also be said of the choir and trio who played at the Musical evening on Saturday 22nd of June on the occasion of the church’s 190th anniversary celebration.


‘The Band of Angels’ were formed when two girls at the church, where Sarah Chamberlain attended, suggested that as she was so musical she should form a choir. Travelling on the underground in London or on the bus, if a girl was on her own she was invited to join the choir. Most of the girls turned out to be from other countries who were pleased at the chance of meeting English people because for a single young person it often felt lonely in London. What an outreach opportunity that has become as the girls were not all Christians but came within the sound of the Gospel through song.

On the Sunday afternoon, both the choir and their hosts were invited to Geoff and Fiona Adams at Broughton Astley for a buffet. As the choir meets once a week for practice but not socially, it became an opportunity for the girls to get to know one another before boarding the coach at Fosse Park. On the way back home so many chocolates, which had been presented at the close of Saturday’s performance were consumed that arriving back in London some of the young ladies didn’t require another meal that day!

Pete Adams

Lifetimes activities and speakers:

August 13th - Martyn Stokes, God’s opportunities

August 27th - Jill Abell, Peru Children’s Trust

September 10th - Denis McQuone, King of kings

September 24th - Denis Partridge, Wonders of God’s Creation

October 8th - Derek McDonnell, Update on Blythswood

October 22nd - Alan Mercer, Holywell Church. Loughborough

Ÿ12.45pm - soup & rolls, tea/coffee & biscuits, bring your own lunch

2.00 - 3.00pm meeting Ÿ


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