It may have rained on and off all week, but on Saturday 6th Feb the rain held off the ncounter extra team set out on to the St Matthews Estate, in the heart of Leicester, to make a difference in the community. Despite freezing conditions the team worked hard and coped by thawing out over lunch and dinner! Here are few photos of the team in action.

The team had a great time washing cars all day. Many local people sat and relaxed in the church coffee bar whilst their vehicles got the ncounter extra treatment. The afternoon team got so fired up they were hoping and praying for a van to come in, just so they could literally rise to the challenge! The last vehicle to arrive was that van!

When the council asked us to paint an 80 square ft wall, we could only reply in the spirit of Bob The Builder! “Can we fix it? Yes we can!!” Armed with rollers and brushes the team completed the wall in just two hours. At the end of the session it was hard to tell who had the most paint on them! What really made our day was a local man in a car, stopping by the wall and thanking us for giving up our time to make the place look better. That’s what ncounter extra is all about!

In addition to the projects pictured above we tidied local parks and delivered fire service information leaflets in the local community. All in all a good time was had by all.

After some relaxation, chat and dinner, the team and visitors enjoyed a great gig by local band Giveway2God.



 Update from the Fennells

You have probably been wondering if we have been snowed under. Most of the snowstorms that hit the U.S. in February only hit the Southern and Middle Atlantic States and went out to sea before reaching Maine. We actually had a mild February in Maine! We only had one harrowing experience when there was 4 inches of unplowed slush on the road which we didn’t realize could be dangerous until we jack knifed and did a 360 degree spin in the middle of the road! God’s angels were busy protecting us and the car as we didn’t even go off the road, and someone in a pickup truck that had saw us go into the spin pulled over to help if we needed it, which thankfully, we didn’t.

Life has been full of God's goodness! We have been busy, as we know that our Lord prepared this pastorate for us. We do visitation in people’s homes, in the hospital, and nursing homes as a couple. I (John) am teaching on David's life in 1 Samuel on Sunday mornings, and going through the book of I Thessalonians verse by verse Sunday evening. At prayer meetings (Wednesday noon at our home) I am teaching through Psalms. Since December, Jeanie began teaching 5 - 12 year olds Sunday school and finds that a challenge. Jeanie was also asked to do one of the bulletin boards (60 x 32 inches) so enjoys creating a new one monthly.

During the February school break, Jeanie and I had the teens in on Tuesday for games and pizza, and the children in on Thursday for legos and cookie baking and decorating.

We have made many friends in Burlington, seen some people come back to church, and a new family has moved into the area, and have begun attending. On February 13th, we had a Valentines concert. Jeanie said it was like a little bit of heaven. She just wished she hadn’t sang so loudly, as she was videoing it all!

On February 21st we hosted the River of Life Camp Union meeting (four churches attended) during the Sunday evening service. John has agreed to be the Camp Pastor at River of Life Camp for a week in August. It is close enough to commute daily.

Our daughter Debee and Judah and their children Kerith (3 ½ ) and Caleb (who will be two in May) are hoping to fly over to visit us for 10 days on the 24th of May. You cannot even imagine how excited we, and our relatives in Maine, are over that possibility!

Please pray for Jeanie and I to be a blessing to these dear people at Burlington. Many of them have become so dear to us already. We need God’s wisdom to know how to minister to the whole community (churched and unchurched). Everyone we’ve met so far likes us. We have found a place where we could live long term but we are of course open to God’s leading.



 The 'Creative Hands' project team:

Lynne MccLeavy

Please pray for Bete as she has had a very difficult few months, her brother is a drug addict and he has moved into our neighbourhood and is causing a few problems.

Pray for Raquel she is studying and working full time in the ministry. She is enjoying the course but there is a lot of homework.

Years ago Isa had treatment for TB and since then her health has been up and down. She catches 2 buses to get to the happy place which is very tiring for her.

Katheen, the newest member of the team is from Canada and works with the pre-school children and is doing an excellent job. Kathleen is trying to get her mind round all the suffering we see nearly on a daily basis.

Lynne will be coming to visit Carley in June. 



Please pray for the Trokhymenko Family who are moving to Ukraine in April.

The Trokhymenko family are: Sasha and Suzanne (John Wheeler’s niece), and their 3 children Laura, Yann and Lucie. 


What will they do?

Pastor a village church which was planted 7 years ago where there is no children’s or youth work.

Teach men, women and children to anchor themselves in the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit

Repair and building works on the church site


Prayer needs:

Language learning

Settling into a new way of life as a family

Sustained vision and teaching for the church

Strength for renovation and building works on the church site


For more information and to receive newsletters, please contact:



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