St Matthews Community Parks Day

This years Parks Day took place on 28th July, a week earlier than previous years due to Ramadan starting the following Monday. With a cut in the funding also, there was possibility that the event would not take place, but it was decided to go ahead.

We were located in the same place as the past two years - right by the stage. This year the only activity we ran was the badge making. This was again very popular, primarily because the badges are something that kids take time to create themselves, it is personalised and is something that they can take away and keep.

We thank God that we even had the badge makers this year as when I (Grace) rung the Children’s Resource Centre to book the badge maker it was already booked out! I then rung again 2 days before to see if there had been a cancellation and was told that it is reserved for us, and that there was also a badge maker for small badges too! So on Friday the badge maker was returned in time for us to pick it up.

There were a few parents to whom we were able to give Jets flyers to and also mention the Cafe. In all, there was a real community atmosphere and it was great meet new people as well as some familiar faces from previous years too.


So, it’s nearly September and all over the country thousands of nervous teenagers will be flocking to Universities for the start of their degree. Many of these will be looking forward to a three year long party, others will probably be scared about leaving home for the first time, and nearly all of them will not have a clue what is about to start.

In pretty much every University is an established Christian Union. These take different forms and no CU is the same as any other. The one thing that they all have in common though is Christ, and sharing the Gospel.

In Leicester, we are fortunate enough to have a Christian Union at both of the Universities. Both are of a similar size, 30-40, and both really have a heart for sharing the Gospel, as well as joining together to love and worship the living God in all His glory.

As some of you may know, I am on the committee for the De Montfort Christian Union, and as a team we are also a little nervous. We want to see Students on campus become Christians, we want the Gospel to be heard by as many students as possible. But to help us do that, we need a work-force that is willing to serve Christ, share His story and speak one-to-one with close friends about Him.

I don’t think I speak for myself when I say, both DMU and Leicester CU value the prayers of their more mature bothers and sisters. Not just for more God-serving Christian first years, but also for an open hearted campus that is softened and ready to receive the Gospel of Christ.

If I can also ask you, please pray for the Committee members that are at both CUs; that we would have the Gospel of Christ and serving Him at the centre of all that we do; that we would be able to make choices that benefit and help the CUs grow. Please also pray for our committee training in September - that we will understand more of our responsibilities and our roles.

Please pray for UCCF, they are the umbrella organisation that supports our CUs with speakers, literature, training and discipleship. Their work is essential to CUs, large and small. You can find out more about them by going on:

This year at DMU particularly, we want to make the churches feel more involved with the work being done at our CU. So, we have set up a blog for churches to see what we are doing and when, to help with prayer and sometimes even man-power! You can see our blog by visiting:

Mark 16v15&16: He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.

In Christ,

Emma Young (Outreach Organiser, DMUCU)


Would be able to help in giving hospitality? From September 12th to 19th a number of polish pastors and wives and elders are coming to Oadby Evangelical Free Church for a ministry retreat. This is a great opportunity for us to serve the wider church. We would be keen for our brothers and sisters to experience being looked after in homes in and around Leicestershire. Are you able to help with providing bed and breakfast and on most days an evening meal? If that were possible how many could you accommodate? Please contact Adam Broughton if you are able to meet this need by email:  or call 0 116 271 3805. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.


Good news for Mr Andrew Ferdinando who worshipped with us for some time. He has obtained a teaching post at a girls school in Hackney East London to start in September. He is now looking for a suitable flat in the area. Please pray for him.


Prayer for Lynne McLeavy, Brazil: ‘The main gang that has been assaulting people and buses in our area are on the run. Although we have had some peace, there has been a shooting at the corner of my street. We are also praising the Lord because a firm is building a factory right next to the dump which will mean much needed jobs for the community.’





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