Step by Step’

Ed Smith and his three sisters grew up in Leicester during the 1950s. Their father was very ill and unable to work to support the family, but each year a gift from the Vicar’s Relief Fund helped them have a memorable Christmas. In recognition of the support that his family received when he was a child, Ed has always donated to the BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal made by the vicar of St Martin’s church (London), and, after making such a donation one year, he joined the Friends of The Connection.

Five years ago Ed had a triple heart bypass, and at that time he was not able to walk more than 100 yards at a time. Now fully recovered, he is planning a major fundraising effort for The Connection: Ed will walk from the centre of Leicester, to the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square. It’s a walk of more than 100 miles, but Ed plans to divide the route into 10 mile sections and focus on taking one day at a time. Ed is calling his walk ‘Step by Step’ quoting a favourite poem by Barbara C. Ryberg:


“He does not lead me year by year

Nor even day by day

But step by step my path unfolds

My Lord directs my way”


Ed will be walking during April 2011 and hopes to raise £1000. The Friends of The Connection will support Ed in his fundraising efforts, and we are keen to hear from any Friends, or Canterbury Pilgrims, who would like to join the final day of the walk as Ed makes his way to St Martin-in-the-Fields.


To sponsor Ed, or register an interest in walking with him please contact The Connections office on 020 77665522.



Please pray for members of our congregation who are

struggling at this time due to ill health and limited mobility:

Joyce and Norman Pyne, John Wheeler, Mona Ridgeway,

Douglas and Kathleen Lomas, and Lea Gregson. 




Update from Luke Allen, MAF trainee pilot: 

Dear friends,

          As this New Year gets underway I trust you are looking forward with anticipation and excitement as to the work God is going to do in and through you this year. May it be a year of taken opportunities for all of us! My Working Holiday visa has been granted, praise God. This enables me to work in Australia for a six month period with any one employer.

          This is a big step to serving with M.A.F. in Arnhem Land. The next step in the process is my technical evaluation, which is scheduled for the 7th February. Please pray with me for this evaluation; it is more rigorous than a flight test. Orientation for M.A.F. commences on the 14th February at the M.A.F. Asia/Pacific head office in Cairns. This involves some standardization flights, the cost of which I have to meet. I will also have to meet the costs of accommodation for my time in Cairns; approx. 3-4 weeks. Please pray with me that our God will meet these needs in ways that only He can. I also have to book a ticket, as I was not able to book travel to Australia before my visa was granted.

          I have enjoyed having a period of time at home. I was able to take Christmas to New Year as holiday, where I did not do much at all. It was so good to rest and relax, and being home made it better. January started with me putting together a presentation for speaking engagements. It has been a valuable time of reflection on the journey God has led me on over the past few years. That gives me cause to look forward with excitement as to where God will lead me through this year, and encourages me to remain submissive to His leading and guidance.

                      With Him in His service,


 The tea and coffee outreach, run by Amanda and Beryl, see’s regular customers each week. It is currently open every Tuesday, but will also be open every Wednesday too. Please continue to pray for the café, that people will continue to come by and for friendships to be built with people on the estate. Extra help would also be much appreciated. If you are interested and could spare a few hours occasionally, please see Amanda





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