Bushy Park witness: 19th - 20th Dec 09

The freezing temperatures were braved that weekend as we sought to witness to the St Matthews community. A stage was set out on Bushy Park and various people sang and gave messages. Testimony DVD’s were handed to anyone that came by. Even though large crowds may not have been drawn, it was no doubt a Christian presence and displayed the Christian community of Leicester working together. A gentleman  from  Church  Court  just  opposite Bushy Park said: “It’s great to see the Gospel back on the St Matthews estate”. And as the music and speech bounced of the surrounding houses we pray that there will be a resounding effect over the coming years. 


 Please pray for the Tuesday night children’s and youth work at Carley:

JETS – the last term has been a real blessing as we have seen the children grow in their understanding of the Gospel and ask a lot of deep questions. Please pray that what the children have heard will be the foundation for their lives. Please also pray for wisdom for the leaders and for more children to join Jets.

SURGE – the children that come to Surge thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to coming every other week. Please pray for more children to come along and more strength and wisdom for the leaders.

XTREME - it is always encouraging to meet every other week and pray, study the Bible, and worship together. Pray that the young people will continue to know the Lord’s guiding, particularly as they think about the next stage of their lives and carer paths.

Please also pray for the Sunday schools - that the Lord will continue to bless the work, and for more leaders. 


 Alpha at Work

Leicester City Council Christian Fellowship has been given the go ahead to run an Alpha at Work course! Praise the Lord that Human Resources have given permission for the course and even given funding to hire a room and provide refreshments. The Alpha at Work, due to start in January, will be aimed at all Leicester City Council employees and take place during the lunch hour once a week. Please pray that the Leicester City Council Christian Fellowship will not experience any opposition from other members of the Council, that many will join the course and feel it worth coming along to during their lunch break, and for wisdom for the members of the Christian Fellowship in running the course.


 29TH MAY 2010

Stanford Hall, near Loughborough


The Big Church Day out promises to be an incredible event as people of all ages and church backgrounds gather together again to celebrate the faith that's bigger than all of us. This year lineup includes HILLSONG UNITED, SWITCHFOOT, TOBY MAC (DC Talk), ISRAEL HOUGHTON, TIM HUGHES (Worship Central), BRENTON BROWN, GRAHAM KENDRICK, LOU FELLINGHAM, TOM & OLLY, LZ7,THE KINGS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, STUART PENDRED and TRENT.

Tickets are £17 for a group discount as early bird prices. If you are interested in going, please see Bina before 26th February.




East Midlands Churches Day 2010

On Saturday June 5th Dr. Liam Goligher of Duke Street Church Richmond will be coming to minister. (The earlier date means the football enthusiasts won’t miss any of the world cup matches!). A website has been set up for Churches’ Day:


If anyone has suggestions for the programme, they would be gratefully received. Please contact Peter Rush from the EMCD organising committee:



Update on Daniel Geyer

It has been requested by a few people that more information is given on autism and how it affects Daniel so that it is better to understand him. So this article has been put together by Cath Capell (who works for Autism Outreach Early Years Specialist teaching service and with Daniel) and myself, Bina.

Daniel is a delightful little boy with a huge smile. He will be 4 years old in May 2010. Since his diagnosis of autism in March 2009 it has presented challenges yet also much excitement in his developments. Also much help has been offered in terms of support and educational help.

Quick re-cap of autism

Autism is a life-long condition and affects 60 per 10,000 children with more boys being affected than girls. People with autism find it hard to make sense of the world around them especially other people. Autism is a developmental disability; it is usually present at birth although it may not be immediately obvious. Autism is caused by a dysfunction in the brain, produced by a variety of causes. Much research is being done and is ongoing with a link to a complex genetic involvement. Autism can affect any person from any culture or social background. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means it cam affect people across a spectrum of abilities including those with learning difficulties. It is very much thought of as a social disorder with three main areas of difficulty: social interaction, language and communication, and social imagination or flexibility of thought.

So lets look at Daniel and see how his autism may affect him and how he sees the world. Remember that Daniel is a little boy first and foremost and is learning to cope with his autism.

Daniel is just beginning to make sounds now, which is very exciting. He enjoys carrying a mirror around the room and watching his mouth move up and down. He does not speak as of yet, but occasionally uses echolalia (repeat back what is being said to them without any meaning). Even more recently he has used a couple of word in an appropriate manner - i.e. when he was asked if he wanted any more food he said “drink”. These are very random and are rarely repeated but it is encouraging as this shows he will develop speech once he learns the power of a word. His main form of communication is pulling or taking your hand to what he wants. Lots of speech can be very confusing for Daniel so it is thought that we talk to Daniel using key words and PECS (picture exchange cards) to help him gain understanding. For example we say “Daniel shoes” instead of “Daniel its time to put your shoes on now”. Using this we have found that Daniel is starting to understand so much more which has made some things a lot easier.

In social development and interaction children with autism find it difficult to mix socially with other children and adults. In Daniel’s situation we see that he does want to socialise with adults but doesn't know how. This causes Daniel to have limited play skills and is often found playing in his own way with toys. Children with autism tend to be unaware of the thoughts and feelings and intentions of others. This makes it very difficult to put themselves in other people’s shoes. If for example a child with autism takes another child’s toy they will not understand that this may upset that child. It is too easy to see this child as being ‘naughty’ when in fact they really do not understand the social rules or feeling of the other person.

Another huge area of difficulty for people with autism is that of sensory processing. Here they can have what could be described as over developed or under developed senses and any of the five senses can be affected: hearing, vision, touch, smell or taste. This means a child can be very sensitive to sounds and become very distressed by certain noises. Visually they can be very acute to detail and movement of things around them which they then can become engrossed in often ignoring other things around them. In this area Daniel struggles with his eating, noises like printers, which make him panic, certain songs, rough clothes like jeans etc..

With these areas of difficulty going on we can see how the world around us can seem a very confusing, overwhelming and anxious place for children like Daniel.

Daniel loves seeing how things work, particularly lights and doors. He has recently moved onto buckles and zips and when he exhausts them he moves back to the doors and lights. Daniel is very clever at manipulation toys and working out how things go together. He prefers to play with lights and sound toys. Sometimes we will use pictures or photos to help Daniel understand what is happening or help him ask for things.

Daniel is a very affectionate little boy who does love being with people but does find new situations and a lot of people very frightening. This is because children with autism find it difficult to predict what is going to happen next. He can react in one of two ways - run away distressed or block out the people he doesn't know and focus on repetitive behaviour like walking up and down the stairs, opening and closing more doors, etc.

Education and next appointment

Daniel has been going to Menphys Nursery in Wigston since April now and is thoroughly enjoying it. He eagerly waits for the special transport with bag in hand and gets extremely excitable when it arrives. He is doing well there and they are pleased with his progress. I just attended his Christmas concert where he sat still for a whole 30 minutes with a sensory toy to keep him distracted. He enjoyed the songs and flapped his hands the whole time in excitement.

We had a meeting at the house with his headteacher, the Autism Outreach service, and the Educational Psychologist, and it was decided that an Educational Statement needs to be made and currently is in progress. We are in the process of looking at special needs schools to meet Daniel’s educational needs, as he will not be able to go to mainstream school.

On January 15th Daniel will begin seeing a Dietician to help with his eating problems and see if he is getting all the nutrients he requires.

We (Joel and Bina) would like to thank you all for your prayer and continued support.

If you wish to know more or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or Cath Capell (tel: 01530 513600) who works for the Early Years Specialist Teaching Service. She is very privileged to work with Daniel in different settings in the week, and also Julie (07508002986) who also works with Daniel.


Bina Geyer



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